Telecom Consulting Services & Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

To fully meet our clients needs, PAG offers a full suite of telecom consulting services. We proudly offer expert advice in all areas of telecom management. Many of our engagements begin with the telecom audit. It is the best way to determine the scope of your telecom expense management needs. We also offer services designed to save you money during specific points in the telecom expense management lifecycle.

Telecom Audit

Our unique Telecom Audit processes are non-intrusive and streamlined so the majority of work is completed at our offices. For telecom bill error detection and refund recovery, there are no up-front fees.

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Contract Negotiation

“BUYER BEWARE” is never more apropos than when negotiating Telecom Contracts! The carriers structure and word these contracts in ways that give them great latitude. Let the experts negotiate your next telecom deal.

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Procurement Policy

Many companies have a disconnect between procurement and payables. Technology updates occur rapidly. Decentralized procurement and employees with liberal discretion can lead to costly purchases.

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Telecom Project Management

Are you looking to switch vendors or migrate services? Do you need data hosting or colo services? Do you need to buy used equipment or are you looking to sell your old equipment? Our telecom consulting services can help.

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RFP Administration

Whether you intend to switch vendors or not, a competitive environment will result in much more aggressive pricing. We know you are busy and administering the RFP will be time consuming. That’s where our consulting services come in!

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Service Optimization

Rates and promotions change often. Carriers constantly “get creative” to drive new revenue and increase sales. Negotiating Service Optimization without our knowledge of the marketplace can cost you serious money.

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Successful sourcing initiatives begin with a thorough understanding of all current assets, a clearly defined strategy and the right market intelligence. Our process and services ensure a successful and sustainable project outcome.

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Technology Review

Regardless of where you currently lie on the Technology Continuum, there are always going to be additional options and opportunities to progress along the curve with the implementation of new technology.

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Telecom Management

Whether your needs are complex or simple enough to allow a manual review each month, your telecom services, inventory and invoices need to be reviewed to insure you pay the least to get the best service possible.

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