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We’ll develop a cost-effective technology plan that will help you grow. You won’t pay us a dime until we find opportunities for you to save.

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Businesses That Have Saved With PAG

Businesses That Have Saved With PAG

Services to Help You Save on Technology

We offer expert technology guidance, procurement services, and risk-free audits to help you make smart technology decisions. Through our customized, zero-cost audit process, we’ve helped our clients save over $700 million and maximize their unique tech budgets.

Our goal is to guide you to the solutions that will support business growth – while keeping you financially sound into the future.

How Our Process Helps You Save


We start by determining if we’re a good fit for partnership.


We suggest a plan to get you from Point A to Point B.


We perform an inventory and audit and then present you with savings.


We evaluate your current technology (Point A) and determine your long-term goals (Point B).


We put the plan into action.


We provide ongoing support and project management.

Success Stories From Across Industries

Private Equity

Investment Management companies subject to compliance regulations.

We helped a PE firm reduce current spend by $5.8 million annually.


Healthcare systems, hospitals, and medical centers in need of cost-effective technology.

Our audit saved a medical center $324,000 on telecom expenses – without having to switch vendors.


Large-scale production companies that require advanced technology to remain efficient.

We helped a flooring manufacturer reduce spend by $310,000.


Local, regional, and national retailers looking to save on technology costs.

We reduced technology costs by 40% for a national retailer.


Pharmaceutical companies looking to make smarter technology investments while cutting costs.

We helped a global pharmaceutical company save $1,175,000 on their telecom & IT expenses.


Large corporations with complex technology needs and budgets.

Our audit process led a cost reduction of $4.6M and $900,000 in upfront transition credits for a global call center.

Start making smart, budget-conscious technology choices now.

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