About PAG

What we do is simple, but not easy.

PAG levels the playing field for you.

We know the plays in your vendor’s playbook. We used to play ball on their team. We trained their reps how to maximize profits and commissions. For years, we sold their services to clients just like you.

Then we realized that a far greater need and value existed in helping companies like you get the best value possible!

The partners of PAG have decades of corporate telecom sales and service management experience.. We also have a proven track record of excellence, working to turn our knowledge into your profit.

We know the best in class price points.

We know which fees can be waived or discounted.

We understand the confusing terms and conditions.

We know current promotions and pricing offers.

We deliver results or we don’t get paid!

Our Partners

Barry Bazen
Barry has run many successful sales teams, negotiated many complex Contracts for National Accounts and competed against every major provider in the industry. Starting a company where he sits on the client side of the table seemed a logical next step, thus the formation of PAG began.
Ken Reda
Ken brings over 30 years of Telecommunications Sales & Management experience to Profit Advisory Group. He leads our operations and audit teams in the quest to save our clients from overpaying for telecom and IT services. He prides himself on his ability to find billing errors even other auditors missed!
We leverage our experience and expertise for you. Information is power.
PAG brings power and leverage to our clients. We level the playing field.

Consider this:

PAG has saved clients more than $250 million!

PAG has clients in all 50 States, South America, Europe and Asia.

The average PAG telecom audit yields a 23% reduction in cost.

We have gone from start-up to working with C-Level Executives in Fortune 100 companies… we must be doing something right!

Don’t build a house without the expertise of engineers and architects…
Don’t do your books without the input of your CFO and accountants…
Don’t make complex procurement decisions regarding Telephony and Technology without the premier telecommunications consulting firm…PAG!

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