3 Reasons to Leave Your Telecom Audit to the Experts

Don’t risk losing even more money conducting a telecom audit in-house. Rely on the experts instead.

Don’t risk losing even more money conducting a telecom audit in-house. Rely on the experts instead.If you’ve done any research on finding cost savings for your business, you’ve probably learned that 80% of telecom bills contain errors. Despite your best efforts, your company is likely to be part of that statistic.

One way to save on technology expenses is through a telecom audit, which includes combing through bills to find and rectify errors. While it’s tempting to try to get this done in-house, there are three reasons telecom audits should be left to the experts:

1. Conducting a Telecom Audit Yourself Takes Too Much Time.

Organizations are working with tight budgets and limited resources. Tasking an internal team to conduct a telecom audit might seem like a money-saver initially, but a truly comprehensive audit takes up huge amounts of time – especially for an untrained eye. When time is money, you can’t afford to waste hours, or even days, of your employees’ time. Your internal resources are better allocated toward mission-critical tasks that will help your business grow.

2. Your Employees Are Experts – but Not at Telecom Audits.

Even if you have an in-house IT department, you hired them for their technical expertise – not their ability to analyze line items in a telecom invoice or their experience procuring technology at the best possible value. At PAG, our experts are exactly that: experienced professionals who are trained to easily identify mistakes in telecom invoices, evaluate whether services should be consolidated, and determine if a company is paying the right price for what they get from their existing technologies. Someone without audit experience might even make errors or recommendations that cause you to lose money, rather than save. Your employees will be more productive and successful focusing on initiatives that are within their realm of expertise – and chances are, that area is not conducting a telecom audit.

3. You Need a Third Party to Make Vendor-Neutral Assessments.

When contracts are up for renewal and you’re looking for guidance on the solutions that will give you the best value for the cost, it may seem like a natural step to ask your current provider for help. Unfortunately, that’s likely to get you advice that’s the opposite of what you need; your provider may even try to sell you additional services that you won’t even use. A third party will be able to provide vendor-neutral recommendations through the telecom-audit process, so you have the assurance any guidance you receive is in your best interests and that you’re actually going to get the best possible value for your technology investments.

A telecom audit can help rid your enterprise of inaccuracies in your invoices and ensure savings. Don’t risk losing even more money by trying to conduct one in-house. PAG’s experts have saved our customers over $600 million through the audit process. If you’re ready to leverage experienced professionals and start saving money, contact us to schedule your zero-cost, no-risk audit today.

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