5 Charges Your Telecom Provider Hopes You Never Notice

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

overlooked telecom expenses The fact of the matter is that telecom providers, while not necessarily malicious, surely don’t mind if a company pays more than it needs to. In fact, more often than not, they’re counting on it. The telecom provider is the beneficiary of that one-time upgrade fee or that ten-dollar voicemail feature that was forgotten about years ago.  We sometimes call this the telecom trap.

These commonly overlooked expenses are your low-hanging fruit. Start with an audit of these services to immediately begin trimming some of the fat.

Traditional Telephones

While the traditional landline phone is slowly losing relevance in the world of the consumer, many large firms still rely heavily on the stability and ease that still only comes from a handset at a desk. You can look to see that no landlines are going unused, and that extra fees for services like voicemail, etc. aren’t being charged

IT Applications

As little as three years ago, most applications had to be purchased and installed individually to each user’s computer. Now, with the growth of SaaS and cloud-based computing, there’s never been a better time to see if moving to a cloud-based application could save money in the long run.

Internet Costs

As more and more applications do in fact move to SaaS and the cloud, their high speed internet requirements use up a ton of bandwidth. When was the last time someone looked to see if more bandwidth was available at a cheaper rate?


While standard conference calls are still alive and well, video conferencing is becoming far more common and is, in most companies, a daily occurrence. Some companies pay for this kind of service, but there are free options available that can stand up to, if not outperform, the paid services.

Mobile Devices

Laptops. Tablets. Smartphones. More usage requires more data, and data charges are where mobile companies are focusing their attention. Make sure your operating companies are on the right plan.

Until the day comes that telecommunications providers actively lower telecom expenses on a client’s behalf, it’s up to the operating company or PE firm to audit the billing charges themselves, or engage a partner to help.


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