6 BYOD Challenges

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

byod challenges The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend isn’t new but the surge in personal use devices can sometimes seem more like Bring Your Own Disaster. While BYOD can cut company costs and increase employee productivity, it does pose a unique set of challenges for an organization. Before embracing BYOD, be aware of these six challenges.

BYOD Security

Whether your business is healthcare or consumer goods, there are some trade secrets and company information you don’t want becoming public knowledge. With company managed devices, management and the IT department have a firm grasp on how information is disseminated within the confines of the company network. BYOD can pose a real threat to company security through data leaks, network protection, and stolen devices. When the device is no longer sole property of the company, whether that be a mobile company-issued device or a personal device with some company use, it falls more to the user to maintain and enforce company compliance. Companies that are interested in expanding their BYOD policy need to ensure that their security and safety protocol are altered to handle personal use devices.

Company Policy Enforcement and Privacy

BYOD creates a strange dichotomy for IT professionals. While the BYOD device may be subject to company policy, it also may be a personal use device that requires some user privacy. Depending on the policy of the company, navigating the waters of adhering to professional standards without violating employee privacy can raise issues in BYOD. Determining the state and country laws for employee privacy and pairing them with strict guards on company policy can help alleviate dangers.


BYOD can put a strain on company infrastructure. The more personal use devices using company broadband, the less reliable it will be  overall. Companies can manage this by expanding their current infrastructure but in the beginning stages of implementation, overall reliability may be compromised.

IT Support

The IT department is a pivotal part of today’s successful business. While they may not produce the company product or interact with everyday customers, they are the linchpin in every successful corporation, providing technical support and answers. BYOD adds stress onto already overburdened IT departments. Not only will IT staff be responsible for company-issued devices but also personal devices that may not be compliant with company standards. Ultimately, many companies may need to transfer the responsibility of BYOD onto an MDM solution provider, allowing IT staff to focus on company-issued devices.

BYOD Logistics

Companies that want to embrace the BYOD trend need to consider how it will effect their staff, their IT department, and their productivity. While it seems like a no-brainer to allow employees to use the operating system and device they feel more comfortable with, and therefore most productive using, blurring the lines between personal and company device can create logistical problems not found in companies that only use company-issued devices.

While many employees have personal use devices, those without may require loaned equipment. Managing what personal use devices are allowed during company time and which require company compensation can create strife within an organization. Even simply enforcing BYOD policies regarding personal and company use during breaks and lunches can create headaches. Management needs to consider the logistics implementing any new policy.

BYOD does provide ample incentives for companies that take the time to evaluate how it would work best for them. For those companies that simply enact BYOD without thinking of the ramifications, it can be a costly lesson. Before diving into a BYOD policy, consider these six challenges and how your company could best face them.


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Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

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