6 Tips to Reduce Telecom Expenses & Increase Efficiency

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

6 Telecom TipsCommunication keeps business moving alive and moving forward. While telecom is a necessary expense for any business, the costs for telecom can snowball into a very large total very easily. How do you keep the expenses for communication reasonable without sacrificing services? Here are 6 tips to help your business reduce telecom expenses and increase communication efficiency:

1. Do the Research: The telecom market changes rapidly, and prices fluctuate over short amounts of time and from vendor to vendor. Take the time to research current rates from several competitors and discuss these rates with your current vendor. Your current vendor may be willing to match a lower rate for services in order to keep your business.

2. Use What You Pay For: If you are paying for services that you are not using, then that is NOT money well spent. Your telecom vendor should be able to produce reports that show you which services you are using and in what quantities, so that you can make smart spending decisions and only purchase the services that you need.

3. Ask for Promotions and Discounts: Don’t sit back and wait for your telecom vendor to offer you a better deal, because it won’t happen. However, if you are not currently bound by an existing contract, then ask your telecom vendor for the most recent promotions and discounts available. Many times these are offered to entice new customers, and existing customers need to take the initiative ask in order to receive them. 

4. Proactively Renegotiate Your Contract: If you are currently under contract, then ask your vendor to renegotiate the existing contract before the expiration date. Typically, if you are willing to extend the contract or increase your services, your vendor will offer you better rates for services in return.

5. Consider Technology Updates: Newer technology is less expensive to maintain than older technology, and is often more efficient. A discussion about potential technology changes and updates with your telecom vendor could end up saving you money. 

6. Perform An Audit: An audit of of your telecom invoices will help you to see how much you are paying for services and what services take the biggest bite out of your budget. An audit will also help you to uncover any billing errors. The telecom billing system is very complex, and it takes more than a quick glance to find errors that may be ongoing and significant, and costly you extra money unnecessarily. Don’t blindly trust your telecom vendor to get it right.

Each of these tips is likely to help you save money on your telecom services. The common factor for each of these tips? They take time! If you are too busy running your business to do time consuming research, negotiate contracts and audit your telecom invoices, then consider hiring PAG to act on your behalf. We are the telecom experts; we understand the industry, we know what questions to ask, and our experience enables us to act in an efficient manner. For more information on how PAG can help you reduce your telecom expenses, contact us today. 


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