Create a Healthcare Technology Roadmap That Takes You Into the Future

What is the future of healthcare technology?
What is the future of healthcare technology?

Business technology is constantly evolving, and organizations across industries have to shift how they utilize their own technology to keep up with the pace of change. In healthcare, especially, keeping up is critical because of the sensitive nature of patient information and the importance of providing effective care.

What can you expect from the future of healthcare technology? There are a few driving factors that will impact your strategy at your healthcare organization. Here’s what you need to know, and how you can use this information to create a healthcare technology roadmap that will keep you on track into the future.

Access to Patient Information Will Expand

Electronic health records (EHR) and other technologies that automate how providers communicate about shared patients are becoming broadly used as healthcare organizations move away from manual data sharing. When records are easily accessible, providers are able to make faster, more informed decisions about patient care.

In the same vein, wearable devices that keep track of patients’ heart rates, physical activity, and sleep patterns, etc. are also becoming more commonly used toward improving patient care. Patients will not only have the ability to immediately access vital information about themselves, but they’ll also be able to instantly share health information electronically with providers.

This all means that as you develop your healthcare technology roadmap, data privacy and security will be of paramount importance. Patient information stored anywhere – in the cloud or otherwise – will require you to have solid security practices in place both for the privacy of patients and in order to stay compliant with regulations like HIPAA.

Future Technologies Will Transform the Healthcare Industry

Despite some already dramatic improvements in healthcare technology, experts agree that we’ve only just scratched the surface. In the not-too-distant past, medical records were all on paper and had to be shared by means of a courier or fax machine. Patient care itself has great potential to improve and change even more thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In fact, even today, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is utilizing AI to interpret cancer data in the treatment of veterans.

Remaining open to change and the adoption of new technology is a critical element of your healthcare technology roadmap. Healthcare organizations that embrace new technologies as they arise are more likely to continue to improve patient care well into the future.

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