For Healthcare Providers Looking to Save Money, a Telecom Audit Is the Answer

A telecom audit will help healthcare organizations that have recently implemented telehealth services find the savings they need.

A telecom audit will help healthcare organizations that have recently implemented telehealth services find the savings they need.The demand for telehealth is booming because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the U.S., 24% of hospitals have now adopted virtual care programs as citizens are showing a preference for remote care rather than going to hospitals. For many healthcare organizations, the rush to implement telecom and IT services to support telehealth was necessary; but it created new expenses that now need to be controlled.

The need for telehealth services won’t be going away anytime soon, but hospitals must now examine recent technology investments to ensure they’re not overpaying for the tools they’re using to keep those programs functioning. That’s where a telecom audit from PAG comes in.

Keep Your Telehealth Costs Under Control With a Telecom Audit

Now that you have the appropriate telecom and IT tools in place for your telehealth services to run smoothly, you may be dealing with sticker shock. As part of our telecom audit process, we’ll conduct a detailed review of all your services – including any new investments you might have made at the start of the pandemic. We’ll review contracts to ensure you’re not overspending, and if you are, our experts will make vendor-neutral recommendations for new solutions that meet your needs at the best possible pricing.

We’ll also comb through your telecom invoices, which tend to be riddled with errors. Even if you had the time to review your own bills, you’d encounter a lot of language and numbers that are confusing to someone who’s not an expert in telecom. If there are duplicate charges, charges for services you didn’t sign up for, or any other mistakes, we will identify them through the audit process – and get you a credit or a refund.

Even though roughly 84% of patients were new to telehealth services at the start of the pandemic, this platform is expected to have staying power. The telecom and IT investments you made to bring these services online might have been hasty, but any initial overspending can be corrected with a telecom audit.

PAG’s audit process is streamlined, non-intrusive, and risk-free to your healthcare organization. If we don’t find savings, you don’t pay us a dime. We’ll help you optimize your technology spending and find billing errors in places you wouldn’t know to look, so you can continue to provide the telehealth services your patients need. If your healthcare technology costs are higher than normal right now, a telecom audit with PAG is the solution you’re looking for. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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