What You Get From a Comprehensive Telecom Audit

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

telecom audit The benefits of conducting a professional telecom audit are many. Audits can be conducted off-site so they don’t interfere with the day-to-day work of your company. Telecom experts, with thorough industry knowledge, can find refunds and savings that most people never see. And you only pay the auditor after they find savings for you.

 What You Will Get From a Comprehensive Telecom Audit

  • Expert review of every line item on your invoices
  • Thorough comparison of charges to contract and billing tariffs
  • Identification of any billing mistakes
  • Identification of under-used (or unused) services
  • Identification of any credits/refunds due from your carrier
  • Complete inventory of all lines, circuits, wireless devices and features across the enterprise
  • All services properly assigned to correct cost centers
  • Understanding of all existing contracts, what commitments are, and when terms expire
  • Development of a formal contract strategy
  • New contracts entered which level the playing field regarding terms and conditions
  • Thorough review of procurement policies for telecom-related orders (including disconnections)
  • Suggestions for procurement policy revisions to eliminate potential breakpoints
  • Blueprint for future vendor accountability reviews to insure proactive management of services
  • Price points, correct billing, etc. so that corrections put into place stay correct moving forward

These services will be provided by a partner who is thorough, independent, and has unparalleled industry expertise. Many companies choose to do an audit themselves or get help from TEM software, but they also find out that the audit didn’t go as planned.

Running a business isn’t easy and a telecommunications audit can be a time consuming and thorough undertaking that many employees are not prepared to take on.  A telecommunications consultant is a great way to maximize your chances of lowering your costs and receiving refunds in a non-intrusive manner.


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