How a Telecom Audit Ensures You Have the Right Technology at the Right Price

A telecom audit with PAG will help you find savings when you need it most.

A telecom audit with PAG will help you find savings when you need it most.Right now, businesses need to be more careful about where their money is going. According to IDC, global spending on telecom services is projected to reach $1.6 trillion in 2020. While this sounds like a large number, it actually reflects nearly flat growth when compared to 2019.

What does this mean? While it may appear to indicate that companies are not spending on technology, that’s not the case. Smart businesses are actually investing in flexible, secure technologies that will allow them to operate seamlessly in the new normal. The key is to ensure you’re using the correct technology at the right price, which can be hard to do without expert guidance. That’s where a telecom audit from PAG comes in.

Don’t Spend Where You Could Be Saving

A telecom audit can lead to tremendous savings. When a large Canadian manufacturer hired us to perform an audit, we were able to identify over $500,000 in savings through our simple process.

Our experts will take a detailed inventory of your current technology ecosystem, checking for areas where you may be overspending or paying for technologies that you don’t even use. We’ll conduct a review of all your bills and invoices (more on that later). To ensure you’re getting the best value from your technology dollars, we’ll make vendor-neutral recommendations for new solutions that better fit your needs – at best-in-class pricing.

How Invoice Optimization Helps

Whether it’s billing errors or duplicate charges, a telecom audit can help rid your enterprise of inaccuracies in invoices that are costing you money. Most organizations unknowingly overspend on their telecom services, with 80% of invoices containing mistakes. We’ll find those costly errors and unneeded charges, help you save for the long term, and, in many cases, even get you credits for previous mistakes.

We completed a telecom audit for an internet services based company on their $2 million annual spend. Not only did we get them nearly $90,000 back for previous billing errors – we found $542,184 in annual savings.

A telecom audit from PAG will help you find savings when you need it most. Our process is streamlined, non-intrusive, and risk-free. We’ll complete an audit at no charge to you and with zero obligation or risk. If we don’t find savings, you don’t pay us. If you’re ready to stop spending in areas where you could be saving, contact PAG for a no-risk telecom audit today.

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