Improve the Patient Experience With a Telecom Audit

Improve the patient experience with a telecom audit.
Improve the patient experience with a telecom audit.

If you’ve never thought about performing an audit in your healthcare organization, it may be time to consider one. Did you know that a telecom audit can help free up your budget to invest in the right technologies? Doing so can contribute to a more positive patient experience in your facility and keep you at the forefront of healthcare technology trends.

Hidden Benefits of an Audit

There are organizations that don’t see the need for an audit. They may think that their spending is controlled or trust that their services are well priced in their billing. However, that may not always be the case. In fact, Gartner estimates that 80% of bills contain errors, and if those errors go unnoticed, it’s only a matter of time before the budget becomes more constrained.

Performing a telecom audit in your healthcare organization ensures that your bills are not only free of errors but also don’t contain any duplicate charges that may be causing you to overspend. The result? Surprising savings that can be repurposed back into your organization.

Repurposed Savings

As technology continues to improve and industry trends emerge, it can be challenging to keep up when you don’t have the budget for new investments. That’s why it’s important to consider performing an audit. Your newfound savings can be used to either fund new projects, improve your current technologies, or get new services that’ll help you deliver the best patient experience. It’ll also ensure that you don’t fall behind your competitors in a fast, evolving industry.

There are various ways you can use your savings to improve your operations, including:

AI and IoT: The combined use of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) in the healthcare industry can help you create a smart organization. AI and IoT can be used to improve efficiency and allow you to better engage patients thanks to a new and easy way to exchange information across various devices and systems.

Augmented Reality: Investing in augmented reality can help with medical training, including the training of providers all at once. This ensures you’re able to encourage an environment that’s fueled by learning new skills and acquiring knowledge that facilitates the way in which your providers treat patients.

Wearable Devices: Giving your patients the option of using wearable devices can result in non-invasive treatment and/or improve your organization’s ability to provide telemedicine services. Wearable devices encourage patients to become more invested in their own health, and they help providers deliver better immediate care when needed.

Smart Technology: If you want to improve patient experience and comfort, smart technology such as smart beds and the use of robots can help deliver personalized, secure care. Having smart technology in your healthcare organization can give providers more freedom to tend to more urgent cases while still being confident that patients are being taken care of.

Technology trends in the healthcare industry will continue to rise to help providers improve the patient experience. So why not perform a telecom audit to find the savings you need to stay at the cutting edge of new advances?

Ready to Benefit From Surprising Savings?

If you’d like to discover savings that you can use towards improving your healthcare organization, consider performing a telecom audit with PAG. Our experts deliver a streamlined and non-intrusive telecom audit process that not only helps you secure savings but also gives you more freedom to grow your business. Contact us to get started.

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