Invest in These 5 Technologies This Year With the Right Technology Guidance

Get the technology guidance you need to find money for smart investments with an audit from PAG.

Get the technology guidance you need to find money for smart investments with an audit from PAG.In 2020, there are a number of technologies that should be on your “must-have” list. The challenge for many businesses is twofold: choosing providers that are the right fit for your needs and finding room in your budget to acquire the necessary services. Maybe you’re ready for a faster internet connectivity solution, but you don’t know which vendor is best for you and there’s no wiggle room to move forward with an upgrade. 

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your avenues for creating savings and cutting costs, there’s still hope. With the right technology guidance, you’ll find the providers that will help your business grow and unearth savings in places you didn’t even realize to look. 

A telecom audit with PAG is one way to uncover these hidden savings. You can apply the money you save to invest in the best-fit technologies and services that will keep you competitive in the new decade. Here are the five areas that should be at the top of your investment list:

  • Cloud Computing. If you haven’t made the migration to the cloud, you won’t be able to delay for much longer. Hardware and other premise-based infrastructure will eventually become obsolete. Don’t wait for those technologies to become obsolete to complete a cloud migration. Set yourself up for success in the future by using your savings to start implementation now.
  • Cyber Security. Modern cyber criminals are smart, innovative, and have the resources to find vulnerabilities in even the most secure networks. Having a strong cyber security strategy is of paramount importance in the current threat landscape, and you should invest your savings accordingly. Consider employee training programs and cloud security services.
  • Data Connectivity. When’s the last time you took a look at your internet connectivity solution? As new, high-speed options for connectivity have come to the market, the solution you’re using might already be out of date. If there’s a better choice that’s available now that wasn’t before, it’s time to look at your options. 
  • SD-WAN. Is your network overwhelming to manage? Network management can be ungainly – especially for multi-location businesses when you’re still dealing with physical infrastructure. SD-WAN is a worthwhile investment that simplifies network management and can save you even more money.
  • UCaaS. Cloud communications solutions such as unified communications as a service (UCaaS) give you enhanced collaboration capabilities and enable your employees to stay connected from wherever they are on any device they choose. UCaaS also has the potential to create additional savings once implemented, so it’s a solution worth looking into with the money you save from your audit. 

A PAG audit will not only show you where you can find savings with your current technology but will also provide guidance through the process of selecting new technologies. We’ll work with you to find, choose, implement, and manage the technologies so you can improve operations and cut costs. 

Our streamlined, non-intrusive, risk-free audit process has saved our customers over $600 million. If you’re ready to find room in the budget for the technology investments you need in 2020 and get help making smart decisions on providers, contact PAG today.

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