Is a Telecom Audit Right for Me?

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

Telecom Audit for My CompanyThe process of understanding your telecom bill has become complex, and can be time consuming and overwhelming.  If you have a small company, then your employees probably wear many hats in order to accomplish everything that needs to get done. A larger company benefits from having IT and procurement departments, but members of these departments also have a full array of job responsibilities. It is unlikely that there is someone with the time, the expertise and the specific skill set necessary to oversee the telecom services and billing for your company. 

If either of these situations ring true for your company, then you may be asking yourself “Is a Telecom Audit Right for Me?” One of the most beneficial services that PAG offers our clients is conducting a professional telecom audit. Typically the savings that PAG finds for you will more than cover the cost of the audit. Would you like to know more about what to expect when you hire PAG to conduct a comprehensive telecom audit for your company? Here are some answers to common questions about the auditing process and potential results: 

Who Will Conduct my Telecom Audit?

When you hire PAG, your telecom audit will be conducted by telecom industry experts. Our auditors used to work for the telecom companies, so they have a deep understanding of contract complexities, invoice jargon, services offered, and all the telecom options your company should consider. 

What Will My Telecom Audit Include?

During your telecom audit, our experts will analyze your telecom contracts and invoices, searching for avenues of potential savings for your company.  The audit will include:

  • An expert review of every line item on your telecom invoices
  • A thorough comparison of charges to contract and billing tariffs
  • Identification of any billing errors
  • Identification of under used or un-used services
  • Identification of any credits or refunds due from your provider

Where Will My Telecom Audit Take Place?

There is no need for concern about a telecom audit disrupting your workplace and interfering with employee productivity, because the majority of the audit takes place at our offices, not yours.  This will allow you to carry on with business as usual throughout the audit. 

When Should I Schedule My Telecom Audit?

If your company has never had a telecom audit before, then the sooner, the better!  At least 80% of all telecom invoices contain errors, which means that you are very likely overpaying for your telecom services.  After your comprehensive audit with PAG, our experts will recommend a maintenance schedule to make sure that your company continues to save on telecom expenses over the longterm.

Why Should I Schedule a Telecom Audit With PAG? 

The benefits of scheduling a telecom audit are all about your company’s bottom line; you will save money on telecom, which will enable you to keep more of your profits or spend in other channels of your business.  In addition to the immediate cost savings, an audit will give you a better understanding of your telecom service options, so that your company will benefit from a contract that includes the best telecom services to meet your needs and strengthen your communication abilities.

How Can I Learn More About a Telecom Audit? 

Contact PAG today, and we can discuss how an audit can help you based on the specific telecom needs and goals for your company.


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