OEM Maintenance

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

OEM MaintenanceAt first glance, it may seem like Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance is your best option. Unfortunately, many businesses purchase maintenance services for an OEM that doesn’t add any more value to their infrastructure than other maintenance services. In fact, the OEM services are usually more costly and will frequently try to upsell you on newer equipment. In the end, this will increase your costs and shorten the life cycle of your telecom infrastructure. You need to understand that there are many more affordable alternatives to choose from without sacrificing quality service.

Wasting Money on Free Software and Software that Isn’t Supported

Some businesses erroneously see software updates as enhanced value in an OEM maintenance package. However, these businesses don’t do their due diligence to first discover if the updates are free of charge in the first place. Additionally, for some hardware models, the manufacturer has ceased creating software updates. In these instances, you are flushing your hard earned dollars down the toilet, because you won’t see any return on your investment from OEM software updates.

Extending End-of-Life (EoL) Equipment

OEMs will typically give a premature warning that certain makes and models are EoL in an effort to promote newer products, models, and features. However, even if a product is declared to be EoL, that product may still be a perfect fit for your telecom infrastructure. Instead of panicking and buying into the latest and greatest equipment, many times you can increase the return on your investment by extending its useful life.

For this reason, we offer full support on all current EoL equipment as well as previous models. Telecom investments can be costly, and we want to make sure you don’t waste money on unnecessary upgrades simply because an OEM won’t support their EoL equipment. This gives you the power to determine when upgrades are necessary, not the manufacturer. When you are in control of refresh and upgrade cycles, you can drastically cut capital and operation expenditures.

Around the Clock Access to Networks Experts

We understand that technical problems always seem to have the most inconvenient timing. No matter what time of day you encounter technical problems, you will have access to our qualified and certified engineers because we offer 24×7 support. Furthermore, we offer service in multiple languages across North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Bottom-line Benefits of Our Program

  • Alternative to OEM support that will help drastically cut expenses
  • Extending the useful life of your infrastructure with full EoL equipment support, reducing capital and operating expenditures
  • Hardware replacement options that fit your unique needs (Next Business Day, 4 Hour, Onsite Spare, and Field Support)
  • 24×7 first call access to certified networking and infrastructure technicians
  • Full multi-generation hardware support, even EoL equipment and previous models
  • Simple, flexible contracts and payment options in multiple currencies
  • Access to the customer-managed NetSure Portal (our proprietary web-based contract management and ticketing system)

Quality Maintenance and Expense Management Services

We are committed to protecting the profits of our clients while still going above and beyond other maintenance services. We support devices that OEMs will not, and our certified experts have years of experience to ensure your infrastructure runs like a well-oiled machine. Not only can we provide you with top-of-the-line maintenance, but we can also help you cut expenses. If you want to speak with a representative to learn how we can improve your business, contact us today.

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