The One Reason Most Companies Don’t Lower Telecom Expenses

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

reduce telecommunications expensesFor many people, the tactics it takes to lower telecom expenses seem like too much work. Considering that even a 10% reduction on your bill could potentially save your company tens of thousands of dollars each year, it is well worth it. Also, consider that you don’t know what you don’t know. If, as an IT director or procurement professional, you don’t know the certain prices, bundles, or promotions that are available at a given time, then how can you be expected to know to ask for those things or navigate the conversation accordingly?

 Use A Third Party Consultant To Negotiate Savings On Your Behalf

Bringing in a third party consultant or auditor to “do the dirty work” for you is beneficial on a couple of levels. First, a team of auditors, like us, is exposed to every promotion across every provider, several times a month. This means that we’re always up to date on the most current potential savings and can use that to your advantage. We like to say that we are on the cutting edge of telecom market intel.

The other benefit is that we know how to leverage a conversation with your telecom provider(s). After all, we do it every day. We’re able to come in and offer our industry expertise and remove the burden of negotiations from you.

When you ask an auditor to come in you get their deep industry knowledge, the ability to negotiate on your behalf, and ultimately, best-in-class pricing.

What You Can Expect When You Work With PAG

We’re not going to waste your time trying to convince you why we’re different or better than anyone else. We’re pretty sure you’ll experience those things just by spending some time on the phone with our team. Instead, we want you to know why our clients love to do business with us. We are honest, ethical, hardworking, driven, passionate, and we used to work for the telecom carriers.

We have the industry knowledge, streamlined process, and the expertise to conduct the most thorough audits and negotiations possible. We know the tricks carriers use to extract as much revenue as possible from their clients, so we want to turn those tactics around and put the money back in your pocket.

Our typical telecom audit client recovers up to 2 months of expenses in refunds and gets an overall reduction of 23% of the telecom spend. It is our mission to save you as much money as possible on your telecom expenses and to do it as seamlessly as possible. We strongly believe in our process; that’s why our compensation is based 100% on results. We only get paid after you see the savings on your invoices.

If you’d like to explore ways to start seeing best-in-class savings from your telecom expenses today, reach out to us at (704) 847-2434. We’d love to hear from you.


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