Use Your Telecom Account Rep to Lower Costs

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

lower telecom expensesMost companies get their telecom bill every month, grumble a bit, pay it and move on.  People are busy and sometimes it’s just easier to get it over with. However, there are ways to lower your telecommunications expenses without spending a lot of time or effort.  Here are 2 ways to lower expenses simply by talking to your account rep.

Send Competing Collateral To Your Account Rep

Let your account representative know that you’ve had other providers courting your business. Ask your rep to give you their honest thoughts about the vendor or service you’ve received marketing information from. Ask if it’s something you should be concerned about or if there’s some reason you’re not getting the same offer. It’s obviously in your provider’s best interest to keep you from getting too curious about competing offers, so they will likely work with you to price match.

This is just another subtle way to let your representative know about your knowledge of cheaper acquisition pricing and motivates them to react by offering something similar.

Tell Your Rep You’re Responsible For Cutting A Certain Percentage Of Costs

Every business, no matter what size, is familiar with the unfortunate pain of budget cuts. If you’ve recently gone through a round of budget cuts, or are in a place where you know they’re coming, let your representative know that you’re responsible for cutting a certain percentage of telecom costs.

This approach makes it all about the numbers.

You can appeal to your representative (especially if you have a long-standing relationship) and be brutally honest. Say, “I need you to help me out here. We’re over budget and I’m mandated with getting a 20% reduction in our current spend. What are my options?”

At first, your representative will be sympathetic, but probably won’t offer a whole lot in the realm of actual price cuts. After all, a 20% reduction in revenue is a sufficient loss to them. But you can push the conversation forward by inquiring about new technology (hardware, software, or otherwise) that can reduce costs, or ways to merge services that you currently subscribe to in excess.

At the end of the day, this tactic is all about giving your representative a hard number that needs to be met and letting them know that if they can’t help you, you’ll have to find someone who can.

Keep in mind that your account rep is just a normal person like the rest of us.  They aren’t some dark villain who sits around twirling their mustache thinking of ways to take your money.  The last thing they want to do is lose your business, so take a few minutes to explain your needs and concerns, and together you can work towards lowering your telecom expenses.


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