Telecom Audit Case Study: Medical Center

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

Telecom Audit Case StudyCustomer Overview:

  • A Mississippi Based Regional Medical facility engaged Profit Advisory Group to audit their spend for voice, data, wireless, internet and equipment.
  • Spend volume: $880,000 annually.
  • Project included multiple locations as well as Physicians groups.

Key Challenges & Objectives:

  • Challenges include Extensive Data collection.
  • Hospital was using an antiquated local service that needed to be upgraded.
  • Project objectives included achieving cost savings, better Contract terms, invoice consolidation and automating charges to correct Cost Centers.

Profit Advisory Group Solution:

  • Extensive Data collection using Profit Advisory Group Data Collection process.
  • Profit Advisory Group created a comprehensive inventory of all services currently in use by the Hospital and its facilities.
  • Profit Advisory Group reviewed current invoices for contract compliance.
  • Existing Vendors were contacted to review current contracts and services provided.
  • Profit Advisory Group developed a comprehensive inventory to determine need and use of all service.
  • Phase one evaluated current technology to determine the feasibility of an upgrade.
  • Profit Advisory Group received quotes from existing providers to keep current business and insure Hospital was receiving best-in- class offer.
  • Phase two dealt with consolidating invoices and standardizing invoice reporting tools to automate cost accounting.
  • Profit Advisory Group utilized competitive bids and promotions to reduce costs with current providers.


Client was able to reduce cost by almost 21% or $185,000 without any vendor change. In addition, the hospital secured a $21,000 credit for billing errors. Customer was able to cancel services not being utilized and reduce number of invoices by 72%. Finally, they were able to replace their antiquated system with newer technology with limited work by their staff and the savings fully covered the cost of the new solution.


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