Why Your Telecom Bill is So High

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

high telecom billsWhen is the last time that you truly analyzed your telecom bills?  Chances are that you just continue to pay telecom bills as they come in without giving any real thought as to the reason the bills are so high.  As a business owner, you can expend a lot of capital on expenses that are simply not needed.  Taking the necessary steps to understand your telecom bills and the services you actually subscribe could get you to a point where you can start to cut your costs.

Understanding the Telecom Services You Truly Need

The first reason your telecom bills may be too high is that you simply do not understand what you actually need for service.  There are all types of telecom service providers, from those that can service a national organization to those in more niche markets for companies that have specific needs.  You need a firm grasp of your business and the technology that is required from a telecom perspective.  Only from this point will you be able to better gauge whether or not the services you are paying for on your telecom bills are truly appropriate.

Paying for Telecom Services You Don’t Know You Have

Another factor in paying too much for telecom services is that you pay for services you simply don’t know you have and do not need.  It is important to really inventory all of the current telecom services that you subscribe to.  A great way to do this is to audit one of your telecom bills to get an idea as to exactly what your service entails.  Go over your service agreement to see if your provider is holding up their end of the contract.  With this information, you can compare it to the services you have found you need to start to cut out the added expenditures that are simply not warranted.

Telecom Promotions

Some telecom service providers will not enroll you in a contract when you sign on with them.  You should check into whether or not you are actively in a standing contract.  This is going to allow you to see if you are eligible for any promotions.  Some telecom vendors will save the best promotions for those willing to sign on to a contract for a period of time.  Utilizing these promotions will allow you to get locked in with a discounted rate for a period of time.

Multiple Telecom Vendors

Having multiple vendors can also help drive added costs associated with telecom services.  You as a business owner should strive to consolidate your telecom services to one vendor.  This is going to allow you to avoid paying for overlapping services and not taking advantage of bundle promotions that certain telecom providers will help you.

Shop Around For Telecom Services

The last reason companies may pay too much for telecom services is that they do not shop around.  Whenever a contract is up with your telecom provider, it may be wise to put together a request for proposal to get an idea as to what other providers may be able to offer you.  If you do not shop around, you are likely going to end up with a telecom provider that may take advantage of you with higher prices, as they could penalize you for your loyalty.

Managing telecom expenses can really help drive down overhead.  Analysis of telecom services and an understanding of each of the services you are paying for will help better gauge what is truly necessary.  Taking an inventory of your telecom expenses and working to manage them appropriately can help drive down costs.


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