Telecom Tuesdays: Broadsoft

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broadsoftToday’s Telecom Tuesday post is interesting because it’s a term that gets thrown around in the industry a lot, but it’s also a company.


Broadsoft is a company whose name has become synonymous with the IP technology that enables the convergence of voice, data and video communications.  Much like the word “Xerox”, which is a company name, but is also a term used to describe the act of making a photocopy of a document.

Broadsoft provides the technology that powers the backbone of the networks for over 500 telecommunication companies who offer VoIP and Cloud based services and solutions, thus their widely accepted recognition as being THE industry leader in this space.

As you talk with Cloud service and IP-based solution providers, you will undoubtedly hear the phase “Broadsoft-powered” or “Broadsoft enabled” as Broadsoft powers the backbone of 18 of the world’s 25 largest telecom providers. Their clients range from major Internet Service Providers (ISPs), phone companies, cable companies, and wireless operators. Broadsoft, headquartered in Gaithersburg Maryland, has garnered more industry attention and won more awards in the IP Telephony space than any of their competitors; unheard of for a company founded in late 1998 and has a current market cap of lust over $600M.

Broadsoft initially developed Software and Operating Systems for Telecommunications companies to use on their networks for the deployment of IP-based services, a space in its infancy at the time. Their service offerings quickly morphed into the development of customer premise equipment (like IP phones), equipment to be used in the Cloud (such as Gateways and Virtual PBX’s), Applications that could be used over their network and many other complimentary services.

Just as gasoline is the hidden source that really powers a vehicle, Broadsoft solutions power the networks enabling the Cloud Computing revolution. Most think that they are as well positioned to drive the future of this technology into the foreseeable future as Microsoft was during the 80’s.


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