Telecom Tuesdays: Is Copper Dead

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

indexIf you have tried to order POTS lines, DSL or T1 access from the major telecom providers you may have experienced this comment “we no longer support that service”. Many of the big players are moving these services off of copper and onto their all IP fiber solutions such as FIOS and U-Verse or wireless.

While for some (especially in the consumer market) this is not a major issue, for business customers that require a non- shared environment this is rapidly becoming a major concern.

Telecom Concerns & Challenges

For years the carriers have been putting the bulk of their infrastructure dollars into primarily wireless assets (and to a lesser degree fiber) leaving literally no money for the current copper networks. For the multi-location data networks that have relied on T1 (copper) access for their private networks this presents some challenges. Can they use the fiber or wireless solution and still maintain the security levels their business require? Do they need to move to a greater bandwidth Ethernet option that in many instances will add cost to their network? Will they have to buy new equipment in order to accept fiber instead of copper?

Is this truly an attempt to modernize their offerings to an “all IP” solutions or an easy way to shed older less efficient and more expensive technology? What does this change mean for the DSL subscribers in areas that the carriers have no intention of upgrading? The consumer is being forced to look at wireless or cable solutions for their needs. As anyone who has a cell phone can attest, coverage is not universal and signal strength varies.

The big question is going to be how the FCC handles the intended death of the PSTN. They have been running pilot programs to see the impact of this change, but that takes time and the carriers continue to move forward with their plans as the regulations are being worked out. If history is any indicator the large telecom companies will eventually get their way.

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