Introducing The Launch Of Our TEM Software

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

PAGassist-LogoProfit Advisory Group has helped companies save over $220 million in telecom expenses over the last 12 years. Most of those savings came from our audit, contract negotiation and RFX administration services.

Essentially, if you needed a quick and thorough understanding of your telecom expenses, you called PAG.

We are excited to let you know that with the launch of our software (TEM) – PAGassist, we now offer an automated tool to help you monitor and track your telecom inventory and expenses.

What is Telecom Expense Management (TEM)?

Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) is software that helps businesses best manage one of their most critical strategic assets: their telecommunications network, services, contracts and expenses.

TEM encompasses the technology, processes and policies needed to save you money and time on your telecom expenses.

On the technology side, there needs to be a software platform to help inventory your Telecom assets (e.g., circuits, services, equipment, locations, invoices, accounts), enforce business processes (e.g., ordering, approving, problem resolution), and manage access to critical telecom infrastructure information.

TEM brings together independent silos of technology, data, and people into one centralized ecosystem where all the participants are interlinked and ultimately different systems can talk together: ordering communicates with inventory, inventory communicates with billing, network management communicates with inventory etc. TEM also brings a standardized set of best practice processes to the organization. All order and invoice processing should happen the same way across the entire organization after TEM deployment.

Before utilizing a TEM solution, it is imperative that you optimize your telecom contracts and reduce your expenses by first performing a thorough telecom audit. Otherwise, your TEM will not be managing your needs as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of a Telecom Audit

A telecommunications audit will clarify the confusion between the devices and services that your company uses, and the bills that you pay for them. The audit presents all of your telecom facts – what you have, how much (or little) you use it, what you use it for, how much it costs and which vendors you pay.

In short, a telecom audit can show you how you can save money. After compiling an inventory of services/costs, the auditors will analyze these facts and compile a list of questions based on their research. Are there any billing errors? Are there services that you are paying for but underutilizing? Is there a more cost effective way to be purchasing the services? Are there any refunds due to billing mistakes? Where do you stand in terms of current contracts and their expiration dates? This analysis yields the plan for your company to make cost saving changes.

Why PAG?

There are many reasons why selecting PAG makes good sense, not the least of which is our PROVEN PROCESS. In our first 12 years, we have gone from start up to having saved our clients over $220M.

Our PEOPLE: Founding Partners have extensive knowledge, each having over 25 years of executive management experience. All PAG staff share in our PASSION for helping our clients cut their Telecom costs while interacting with your vendors in a very PROFESSIONAL manner.

We deliver solutions that produce refunds and generate cost-cutting solutions very PROMPTLY. Our service is non-intrusive as all work is performed offsite and typically, audits are completed within 60 days.

The pièce de résistance is that our service is fully self-funded as fees are simply a redirection of monies already being spent and are only due AFTER savings or refunds are realized so clients are never out of pocket any money.

PAGassist Software –

Mobile Telecom Expense Management

PAGassist manages all mobile telecom devices within your company. Within the mobile area of the software, there are three main offerings: Procurement Automation, Expense Management, and Comprehensive Mobility Management.

Procurement Automation

Procurement Automation allows companies to manage the adding, deleting and changing of mobile devices within the company. PAGassist provides users with access to a custom catalog of your company’s mobile devices. Through this catalog, you see what devices you have, which carriers you contract with, when units are upgrade-eligible and phones that are pre-approved for purchase.

Cataloging all mobile devices makes it easy to keep up with a large inventory of mobile devices and services. Access to the Procurement Automation software is role based, so it is available to different users within the company.

Expense Management

Expense Management provides cost visibility of wireless devices throughout the company. The software allows you to view expenses of different carriers and different locations. Consolidating expenses for easy viewing lets you know exactly what you are paying for, so that you can continue to make smart and economical decisions regarding mobile devices.

The Expense Management software includes monthly audit and optimization services, keeping your company in the driver’s seat when it comes to your mobile telecom expenses and decisions.

Comprehensive Mobility Management

This is the most complete software package as it combines features from both the Procurement Automation and the Expense Management options. In addition, PAG offers 24×7 Help Desk Services. Every company is unique and may have needs beyond the normal scope of the software packages, so Help Desk Services are tailored to the specific needs of your company. Regardless of your reporting needs or desired level of support, PAG can assist your company with all of its mobile telecom expense management needs.

PAGassist Software – Wireline Telecommunications Expense Management

Telecom Invoicing Errors

While savings in mobile telecom often focus on plan optimization, savings in wireline typically result from correcting billing errors.

PAGassist allows you a comprehensive inventory of every hardwired phone, feature, circuit and data connection, regardless of location or carrier. This software gives you a clear picture of which lines you have, which services are associated with each line, the price per service, and the amount of services used.

The PAGassist TEM software also gathers all relevant telecom information on a single portal, identifying invoicing errors and billing discrepancies so you can be sure your maximize your telecom savings.

Effective Telecom Expense Management

An initial audit is a right place to start. The experienced auditors on the PAG team can find you hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in telecom savings through credits, refunds from billing errors, acquiring best in class pricing and optimizing your mobile spend.

Remember, we have helped companies save over $220M in the last 12 years!

Now, the PAGassist TEM software will keep the savings coming. You will be able to monitor both your mobile and wireline telecom spends in a user-friendly dashboard that makes managing your telecom an easy job.

An audit from the Profit Advisory Group team, augmented with PAGassist TEM software will keep expenses down and profits up! To get started, simply call

1 (888) 943-1235 or request at .


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