The 6 Core Services of Telecom Consulting

telecom consultant

telecom consultant

The telecom industry is a rapidly changing landscape. There are new services, new technologies, and new decisions to be made based on a different set of facts around every corner. Just when you think you have found your way to the perfect telecom solution for your company, there is a new option to consider. The ever-changing world of telecommunications had created a great need for telecom consulting.

What services can a telecom consulting company offer your business?

The 6 Core Services of Telecom Consulting

1. Telecom Audits

Are you wondering if your company is paying too much for telecom services? Are there services out there that would benefit your company that your vendor is not currently providing? If so, it’s time to request a telecom audit. Your telecommunications consultant can perform an audit of your company’s services to let you know how you are doing – kind of like a checkup with your personal physician.

However, unlike a medical checkup, a telecom audit is far less intrusive and disruptive. The majority of the work can be done off site, so your company can carry on with business as usual. What can you expect from your telecom audit? After a comprehensive review of each line item on your telecom invoices, your auditor will:

By performing an audit, your telecom expert will be able to help you gain an understanding of your existing telecom contracts and guide you through a contract strategy moving forward. 

2. Telecom RFP

With telecom services being contractual in nature, the art of the RFP, or request for proposal, should not be overlooked. If you are of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” philosophy, then you may be inclined to renew existing contracts without question. However, in the telecom services industry, acquisition pricing is almost always better than retention pricing – so a fast and easy decision to renew without an RFP may lead your company to pay higher rates than necessary.

Your telecommunications consultant knows the ins and outs of the RFP and can administer one on behalf of your company to help you gain the competitive advantage. When a telecom consultant administers an RFP, the service providers know they need to keep the pricing competitive. For example, your consultant may include a smaller service provider in the RFP, even though they are not necessarily the best provider to meet the needs of your company. This will likely influence the quotes that you are given from larger service providers. With a telecommunications expert in your corner to administer an RFP, your company will not be a victim of inflated pricing or paying for unnecessary, unwanted services.

3. Telecom Contract Negotiation

After performing an RFP, your telecom consultant can help you negotiate your next telecom services contract. Securing the best contract is not an easy task, as industry terminology, tariffs, pricing schedules, and service guides are confusing to most people who are not in the telecom industry. 

Having an expert on your team who is fluent in the language of telecommunications is critical. Working on your behalf, your telecommunications consultant will give your company the competitive edge, and will help you secure the best contract terms for the best price.

4. Project Management

Confusion can be created when your company grows by adding a new division, merges with another company, or splits into two separate businesses. When big changes like these are made, your company will likely need a telecom consultant to manage your services. 

This expert can offer project management when your organization is building an inventory of circuits and lines, considering a new vendor, developing a system to track wireless devices, or considering cloud migration. A telecommunications consultant will help guide you through the decision making process during projects and changing times, so that your telecom needs don’t get lost in the process.

5. Telecom Technology Review

Technology and technological capabilities change so quickly that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. Enlisting a telecom consultant to perform a technology review will help your company make sense of the most current options.

The newest technologies have the potential upside of performing better or faster, but is there a downside? A telecommunications consultant can provide insight on services and service providers such as VoIP, XaaS, virtual hosted PBX, converged networks, BYOD, and offerings in the cloud – so you don’t just follow the latest trends, but rather you make informed choices that will benefit your business now and in the future. 

The technology needs of your company are unique, so the right solution for you may not be the same as the solution for someone else. Enlisting a telecommunications expert to review your current technology, immediate needs, and needs moving forward will lead you to the best telecom technology choices for your company.

6. Telecom Expense Management

After your company has undergone an audit or seen a project or change come to fruition, don’t be fooled into thinking that you no longer need your telecommunications consultant. Telecom navigation is still necessary, even through calmer waters.

Expense management is an ongoing process because service providers offer promotional pricing, new services, and new technologies on an ongoing basis. Hiring a telecom consultant to oversee your ongoing telecom expenses will ensure your business continues to get the best pricing through the industry’s changing rules and services.

It’s Time to Leverage the Benefits of Telecom Consulting

There are many benefits to hiring a telecom consulting firm. Whether your company needs a fact finding mission with an audit, expert negotiation through a contract procurement or renewal, leadership through changing times, or ongoing management to keep the telecom ship on course, a telecommunications consultant can be of great value to your company.

In many cases, the cost of hiring an industry expert will be redeemed in the cost savings of your telecom services in the long run. Whatever the unique and changing needs of your company, enlisting the services of a telecom consultant will ensure you are paying the best prices for the most beneficial telecom services. Learn more about PAG’s audit process on our website, or contact us today to get started with expert telecom consulting support.

This blog was originally published on October 16, 2014 and was updated on May 24, 2021 to reflect recent findings.


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