Think Your Bills Don’t Contain Errors? Think Again. It’s Time for a Telecom Audit.

Your business is probably leaking money through the telecom services you use. Do a telecom audit to save where you can.

Your business is probably leaking money through the telecom services you use. Do a telecom audit to save where you can.A shocking 80% of telecom bills contain errors according to Gartner. As much as it would be nice to assume you’re part of the lucky 20%, statistically, you’ve probably been overpaying for your telecom services for months because of simple mistakes. 

Unfortunately, it’s not an easy fix to catch these errors. Telecom bills can be wildly complicated, and even the most discerning eye may not catch an error. The typical telecom invoice includes: 

  • Non-recurring charges (NRCs)
  • Monthly recurring charges (MRCs)
  • Usage fees
  • Overage fees
  • Taxes and regulatory fees 

Sounds simple enough, right? It’s not. MRCs and usage fees in particular get complicated. For example, you may pay an MRC for long-distance calling, but then you are charged a usage fee on top of the MRC when you actually use the service. There are contractual fees for certain types of calls. There are different charges for outbound and inbound calls. The list goes on. 

All of this complexity, according to Gartner, leads 90% of businesses to just pay their telecom bills as they come – without a review. If you’re one of those businesses, there’s a solution to your billing error problem: the telecom audit. 

Stop the Errors Now With a Telecom Audit

Auditing your telecom expenses is a great way to ensure you’re not paying for billing mistakes and to make sure you’re actually getting the services you pay for. Any business with a telecom infrastructure should perform an audit regularly. Here’s what an audit entails: 

  • Start with an inventory of your entire current technology ecosystem. You should review the services you’re currently using and all telecom contracts to see if you’re paying for anything you don’t actually need. 
  • If there’s a lower-cost alternative to a current service, a good audit professional will find it. If you’re using a third party for your audit, check that they’re able to make vendor-neutral recommendations for new solutions that better fit your needs.
  • Conduct a detailed review of bills and invoices to find errors, unneeded charges, and other issues. A good audit professional will scour your technology services profile to find any billing errors that could be crippling your budget. 
  • From those first steps, you need to create a clear savings strategy that grows your cash flow over time.

Need Third-Party Expertise for Your Audit? 

To perform a truly comprehensive audit, you need both expertise and time. If you’re short on one or both, leveraging the support of a third party to audit your telecom services will help you find savings in unexpected places without you having to do the legwork. 

At PAG, we are the experts in no-risk audits that help businesses like yours identify billing errors and other areas of overspending. We don’t charge you for our services until you realize refunds or savings. For a zero-cost audit that will find you the space in your telecom budget you need, contact PAG today.

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