Lower Your Telecom Expenses Like A Boss

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

lower telecom expenses In the last post we talked about the different ways an RFP can help you lower your telecommunication expenses.  Some of the techniques are used as fear tactics.  Your telecom vendor doesn’t want to lose you , and oftentimes they will do anything so that you stay.   This next tactic is used in a similar way, but with a slightly different approach.

Call Your Account Rep & Inquire Into Contract End Dates & Fees For Early Termination

This is another technique that plays into your provider’s fear of losing your business. By simply inquiring about your contract end dates, or fees for early termination, it suggests that you’re dissatisfied with your current structure and are looking for a way out – even though that may not be the case.

A simple question to ask your representative is, “When exactly does my contract expire, and if I wanted to get out of my contract today, what would that cost us?” This question adds a sense of urgency to their need to keep your business. It makes them think that you may already be in talks with another provider and are possibly planning to make a service change immediately.

Go ahead and let your representative’s imagination run away with them. Since you’re not being aggressive or accusatory, and are merely asking a question, it makes your provider painfully curious. They’ll provide you with whatever information you need, but will ask, “Why are you asking?” You can be sure that if you let your representative know that you’re considering your options, he or she will do whatever they can to keep your business.


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