Why Your Company Should Hire A Telecom Consultant

Your wireless costs might increase because of COVID-19 – but they won’t if you follow these 3 steps.

hire telecom servicesIf your company is like most companies, then your telecom expenses are substantial, and you are probably overpaying for services. Hiring a telecom consultant can help you save money on telecom and keep more of your profits or better utilize your earnings. How can hiring a telecom consultant make this happen? Here are nine ways that a telecom consultant from PAG can help you realize this goal:

Performing a Telecom Audit

If you want to save money on telecom expenses, then performing an audit is a great place to start. An audit allows your telecom consultant to go on a fact-finding mission to see where the potential savings areas are for your company. Because this streamlined process is non-intrusive and there is no upfront fee, a telecom audit is a no-risk high reward situation.

Telecom Contract Negotiation

When it comes to your telecom equipment and services, do you know what you are paying for? Many companies struggle to understand the terms and conditions of their contracts and how they equate to real monthly telecom expenses. This makes contract negotiation very difficult. Because the telecom world is riddled with industry-specific terminology that seems like a language of its own, a telecom consultant, much like an interpreter, plays a very valuable role in contract negotiation.

Developing a Procurement Policy

Employees want the latest and greatest when it comes to technology, but frequent technology shopping sprees can be costly to your company’s bottom line. How can you stay current without allowing the spending to get out of control? Hire a telecom consultant from PAG to develop or review your procurement policy.

Telecom Project Management

When your company is looking to make substantial changes, consider hiring a telecom consultant to provide expert advice and leadership. Whether your company is considering a vendor switch or outfitting a new building, PAG can help. The decisions that you make during this time of transition will be felt in years to come, so make sure you have a telecom consultant on board to help steer the project in the right direction.

RFP Administration

When renewing contracts or switching vendors, a competitive environment will enable you to get the best pricing. However, administering a RFP (request for proposal) is a time consuming process. Leave the RFP to the expert telecom consultants at PAG who will help you get the best pricing for the services you need.

Facilitating Telecom Service Optimization

Is your company getting the services that you need? Vendors are constantly coming up with promotions for new services, but it can be difficult to tell at a glance which promotions will actually benefit you. A telecom consultant can assist you with service optimization, so that you can be assured of getting exactly what you need without the guesswork.


When considering telecom sourcing, it is important to have clearly defined goals and strategies, and the knowhow to implement these strategies effectively. Hiring a telecom consultant will take the time consuming legwork and guesswork out of sourcing, making sure that your company is aligned with the best vendors to meet your needs.

Performing a Technology Review

The telecom industry changes quickly, and your company has probably evolved over time as well. What worked last year may not be the best option to meet your technology needs right now. Hiring a telecom consultant to perform a review will ensure that your technology decisions continue to be in your best interest.

Providing Telecom Management

Once you enlist a telecom consultant perform an audit and implement necessary changes, telecom expenses need to be managed. Don’t allow the telecom train to derail! Hire a telecom consultant from PAG to manage your expenses and keep them on track.

From initial audit to followup management, there are many reasons to hire a telecom consultant. Is your company looking to save money on telecom expenses? If so, then contact PAG to discuss how a telecom consultant can help you.

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