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It’s Time to Move on From Your Legacy Systems

If you’ve been watching your competitors migrate to cloud solutions while you continue to replace outdated hardware and call in the break/fix cavalry, it might be time to follow suit. Why do businesses move to the cloud?

Hardware is expensive. And hardware that breaks or needs to be replaced is a cost many organizations don’t plan for.

Mobility is a requirement, not a luxury. Employees need to access your network and data from mobile devices. Cloud solutions make it easier to work off-site or to utilize mobile devices while on the premises.

Scalability is key. It’s difficult to plan for growth without the cloud because you’re often required to hold onto (and pay for) servers, storage, and licenses that you’re not actually using.

The cloud offers security. Storing data in the cloud is often more secure than keeping it on physical servers that can be damaged, stolen, or hacked.

Do these challenges sound familiar? Don’t let your forward-thinking competitors leave you behind.
It’s time for a cloud migration.

You Don’t Have to Handle Your Cloud Migration Alone

If you’re still using legacy communications technology, you’re probably unsure of what it takes to complete a cloud migration or how cloud adoption would look in your business. Cloud can be adopted in many forms:

Private cloud –

dedicated to the use of a
single organization

Public cloud –

owned and operated by a
third party and delivered over the internet

Hybrid cloud –

combines aspects of both
public and private

All cloud solutions, though, give you scalability, flexibility, and security. Most businesses that make the migration find that options such as virtualization and colocation and features such as disaster recovery are beneficial for running smoother, more secure operations.

Because cloud solutions have become so popular, the number of vendors and providers to sort through is overwhelming. If you’re not an expert in cloud technology, it’s nearly impossible and extremely time-consuming to determine which solutions or vendors are the best fit for your needs. Even more challenging is comparing pricing to determine a particular solution’s value.

PAG Will Help You Find the Best Cloud Solutions and Save

This is where PAG’s cloud migration procurement services come in. At PAG, we’re not just experts in technology. We have partnerships with leading cloud vendors. We know how to manage solutions from selection through installment and beyond – providing you with ongoing management through the life of your services.

Here’s how we help you secure the best-fit cloud solutions at the right price:

We simplify your cloud services search by utilizing our existing knowledge and vendor relationships. No need to start from scratch; all providers are pre-vetted.

Based on an analysis of your specific needs, we help you select the cloud solutions that will give you the features and services you truly need.

We’ll ensure best-in-class pricing and negotiate the most advantageous contract terms and clauses for you.

PAG Clients Save an Average of 20%+ on Telecom Services

We are your resource for complete telecom procurement services, including cloud migration. Leverage our expertise to find the best solutions within budget and with minimal effort on your part. Our team of experts will integrate cloud into your technology roadmap and help you drive growth. We’ll streamline your technology spending while improving operations and cutting costs.

If you’re ready to get help sourcing the optimal solutions for your cloud migration at a price that fits your budget, get in touch with PAG today.

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