Healthcare Technology Procurement, Audits, and Guidance to Help You Create Better Patient Experiences

Your technology investments impact more than your bottom line – they affect the patients that rely on you.

Healthcare IT Solutions With Long-Term Impact

PAG’s zero-cost, risk-free process works for healthcare organizations of all sizes. We become your advisor who adds a trusted voice to your team’s technology decision-making. Here’s how we help:

Analyzing bills and finding errors

  • Cancel technology services you no longer need.
  • Eliminate outdated contracts.
  • Seek proposal pricing that is more competitive than renewal pricing with your current provider.

Network survivability and redundancy

  • Ensure your connectivity will never go down by finding multilple carriers with full redundancy.

Enabling remote work

  • Procure the healthcare IT solutions that support teleworking.

Eliminating outdated technology

  • Upgrade the modern services like UCaaS and ethernet, and stop wasting money and time on legacy systems.

POTS in a Box is Here

POTS can no longer fulfill the telecom needs of modern healthcare businesses. There are a number of issues related to using analog phone lines for voice and special communication services:

  • POTS is expensive and unreliable.
  • It doesn’t come with security enhancements to ensure safety and privacy.
  • There’s no failover in the event of an emergency.

PAG’s POTS in a Box (PIAB) solution is a one-stop solution for the digital transformation of your phone lines. Get in touch with us to schedule a PIAB demo today.

We’ve helped organizations like yours save over $700 million by implementing our strategies and offering expert guidance on technology decision making.

Created annual savings of $600,000 for a regional medical center

Cut costs by $300,000 per year for a university

Reduced annual spend ($1.3 million) for a multi-location enterprise by 26%

businesses served across more than 10,000 business locations

average telecom cost savings per client

managed across all 50 states and over 100 countries

We’ve saved clients over $700 million since 2002

of combined industry experience

GA Regional Medical Center

GA Regional Medical Center had a strained relationship with their existing vendor. They needed more favorable terms and conditions and were looking to save on costs.
PAG completed extensive data collection and a comprehensive audit. We helped consolidate the medical center’s existing services and developed a formal contract strategy.
The medical center was able to reduce costs by almost 27%, or $324,000, without any vendor change.
Products Used:

Mississippi-Based Medical Center

The medical center was using an antiquated local service that needed to be upgraded. They were looking for cost savings, invoice consolidation, and better contract terms.
PAG conducted a comprehesive audit. We also ensured the hospital was getting best-in-class offers from existing vendors, helped consolidate their invoices, and automated cost accounting.
The client was able to reduce costs by almost 21% ($185,000) without any vendor change, and received a $21,000 credit for billing errors. They canceled services they weren’t using and reduced the number of invoices by 72%.
Products Used:
Audit, Procurement

NY Regional Hospital

A multi-location regional hospital in New York needed to save on costs and gain more favorable terms and conditions through a strategic plan.
PAG’s audit process included extensive data collection, an inventory of all services being used, and review of current invoices and contracts. We also led the way on the procurement process to ensure best-in-class pricing.
The regional hospital was able to reduce costs by almost 15%, or $60,000 without any vendor change. More favorable terms were added to all new agreements to ensure future changes can be made without penalty.
Products Used:
Audit, Procurement

Healthcare Technology Decisions Have Long-Term Impact

You need expert guidance to create a technology roadmap that supports the future of your healthcare organization.
  • New technologies allow you to create better experiences for patients.
  • Professional audit services help find savings in unexpected places that can be repurposed toward necessary technologies.
  • Expert support through the procurement process ensures healthcare organizations are maximizing the investments they make.
  • Guidance around and management of technologies through their life cycles ensures healthcare organizations stay ahead of problems before they happen.

Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs Procurement, Audit, and Guidance Support

Improve your bottom line, and enhance patient care.

We have relationships with household names in telecom

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