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SMBs don’t always have the resources or know-how to make technology choices that help cut costs and promote growth. PAG helps SMBs save money and adapt to whatever the business landscape brings – and it all begins with a risk-free audit.

We’ll Help You Manage Your SMB Technology

SMBs can rely on PAG to source the solutions that help you save on costs – and keep your business relevant in the face of change. We offer:

Telecom audits to find savings for a rainy day and upgrade current technology so you can adapt to a changing business landscape

Start Saving Now

SD-WAN procurement services to simplify multi-location businesses networking

Get the Right Solution and Save

Cloud migration procurement services to enhance business operations and enable your distributed workforces to stay productive

Move on From Your Legacy Systems

POTS migration/TDM migration to empower remote and hybrid teams with effective communication and collaboration tools – anywhere they are

Get the Right Communication Solution

Benefits of Partnering With PAG for SMB Business Consulting

We’ll find and correct errors in your telecom bills.

80% of invoices contain errors – PAG’s experts know how to identify them.

We’ll help you procure the technology you need to keep up.

We’ll help your SMB select and implement the solutions that meet your changing needs.

We’re vendor-neutral.

You can rest assured the recommendations we make have only your best interests in mind.

You’ll see long-term results.

Our experts will help you develop a clear savings strategy that grows your cash flow over time.

You don’t have to take our word for it...

"Muzak hired Profit Advisory Group to come in and perform Freight, Utilities and Medical Claims audits. Although the savings and recoveries were not a financial windfall for us, we were able to recover credits in excess of $50,000 and reduce our Freight and Utility costs moving forward. PAG's fee structure cost us much less than a Big Four Firm would have charged for the same work, yet we still received independent verification that our internal processes were working very well. PAG kept us informed of each project's progress throughout the initial engagement and we are pleased enough with them that we are currently discussing additional areas for cost reduction."

CEO | Muzak

“We hired Profit Advisory Group to come in and perform a Telecommunications audit for us. After reviewing our bills, they discovered several incorrectly rated items and got them corrected and secured a $30,065 refund for us. They also discovered unused lines and features that we were able to eliminate and start to save money even while they were still reviewing our other services. With their help we were able to consolidate our total monthly spend, eliminate 80% of our communications providers, simplify our billing and reduce our monthly cost by nearly 60%! We were able to utilize these savings and pay for new phone systems in several of our locations. PAG also helped us select our new telephone system vendor. They also did a good job of keeping us in the loop throughout the project but did not unnecessarily interrupt our workflow. We felt comfortable enough with their work and their expertise that we had them come and speak before a meeting of other area senior financial executives and would not hesitate in referring them.”

CFO | DJ Powers

"PAG works with multinational corporations as well as small, privately held businesses and offers a unique intelligence into best-pricing across all platforms and telecommunications providers. Further, PAG is vendor agnostic and has not allegiance to any supplier."

CIO | Small Private University

These businesses have saved with PAG as a trusted advisor.

No matter the size of your SMB technology challenge, PAG will guide you to a solution. We treat all our clients like big-name clients.

PAG provides the SMB business consulting you’ve been looking for.

Don’t wait any longer to stop overspending and start saving. PAG’s experts are ready to help.

Take the first step toward cutting costs and investing in technologies that help your SMB adapt and thrive.

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