Optimize Your Technology and Keep Your IT Running Smoothly

PAG’s ongoing management and IT support ensures you always have the technology you need, at a price you can afford, with the expert support that’ll keep your systems running.

Guidance Toward the Solutions That Help Your Company Succeed – and Keep Your Costs Down

PAG’s ongoing IT support and management experts will handle every aspect of your telecommunications technology, so you can get back to doing what you do best: building your business.

The Right Technology

UCaaS enables all your employees to get the same functionality they’d enjoy on premises – no matter where they’re located.

Lower Costs

PAG’s in-depth understanding of expense management translates to cost savings for you.

Unbiased Guidance

We’re vendor neutral, which means you’ll always get honest recommendations on the best fit solutions for your business.

Expert Support

We’re the only firm in the country that offers three years of post-audit services management at no additional cost to our clients.

Why Choose PAG?

You can focus your energy on your core business

With PAG’s experts handling ongoing IT support and management, you’re free to focus on your business’s strategic priorities.

We’ll help you understand technology’s impact on your bottom line.

We’re committed to helping you understand where you’re spending when you could be saving – and how to adjust your technology strategy accordingly.

We’re your unbiased technology partner for the long term.

We will be your single point of contact to help you save time, effort, and money for the life of our partnership.

As your needs grow, our services will scale with you.

Your goal is to grow your business – PAG is here to support that growth and make recommendations that meet your needs as your company evolves.

Discover How Technology Lifecycle Management Protects Your Business

Businesses That Have Saved With PAG

Success Stories From Across Industries

Private Equity

Investment Management companies subject to compliance regulations.

We helped a PE firm reduce current spend by $5.8 million annually.


Healthcare systems, hospitals, and medical centers in need of cost-effective technology.

Our audit saved a medical center $324,000 on telecom expenses – without having to switch vendors.


Large-scale production companies that require advanced technology to remain efficient.

We helped a flooring manufacturer reduce spend by $310,000.


Local, regional, and national retailers looking to save on technology costs.

We reduced technology costs by 40% for a national retailer.


Pharmaceutical companies looking to make smarter technology investments while cutting costs.

We helped a global pharmaceutical company save $1,175,000 on their telecom & IT expenses.


Large corporations with complex technology needs and budgets.

Our audit process led a cost reduction of $4.6M and $900,000 in upfront transition credits for a global call center.

Ready To Maximize Your Telecom and IT Budget?

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