Procurement Policy

"You don’t have to do this, survival is not compulsory."

- W. Edwards Deming, American Statistician & Author

Telecom Procurement Policy Development

A Telecommunications Procurement Policy is now essential to the long term success of your company.

Many companies have a disconnect between procurement and payables. Today, technology updates occur rapidly with new upgrades and features being released in an endless cycle of marketing hype. Decentralized procurement and employees with liberal procurement discretion can lead to purchases that are often unnecessary and costly.

The biggest factor, however, is your vendor. They often set up new accounts when new services should be included in your original corporate account. While these “new accounts” will boost their commissions, they also create additional invoices for AP to process and increase the likelihood of billing errors – errors that are rarely in your favor!

A PAG Procurement Policy Audit will examine all your telecom services and identify each possible break point in the order process. We work closely with your IT and Procurement teams to create and implement corrective measures to ensure your vendors adhere to your new policies and save you money.

Let PAG teach you how to implement best practices we installed at some of America’s premier Fortune 100 companies.

Don’t gamble on this critical decision, contact us to get started.


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