Truths About a Telecom Audit

There’s more to an audit than just savings. Learn how you can improve your business operations and gain financial and non-financial benefits.

What You Need to Know

Here are 4 things from your billing that you should understand before an audit is performed:

Monthly Recurring Charges (MRCs)

The base rate on your standard bill. Sometimes several services are bundled together.

Telecom Usage Charges

411 directory assistance, call back, event recording, and more, charged per minute or event.

Third-Party Billing

Often hidden, the only way to reduce these fees is to check for discrepancies.

Unused Features

Added services from the beginning of the contract that have been forgotten about.

Use Audit Savings to Grow Your Business

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Non-Financial Benefits of a Telecom Audit

While savings are a huge benefit, there are also non-financial benefits that can ensure your business is as productive as it can be. These include:

Bill consolidation

Eliminate the need to track and monitor spending, resulting in less work for the A/P and IT department.

Invoicing cleanup

Free up your staff from tracking line items and bills.

Business Advocacy

We negotiate contracts with carriers on your behalf.

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