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Our clients have saved over $900 million as a result of our audit process. Stop leaking money, improve your business operations, and repurpose your savings toward updated solutions that empower your work-from-anywhere workforce with a free audit from PAG.

Businesses That Have Saved With PAG

Real Life Audit Results

Clients across industries have realized significant savings with PAG.

Private Equity

Investment management companies subject to compliance regulations.

A leading private equity firm was able to reduce wireless spend by $5.8 million annually.


Healthcare systems, hospitals, and medical centers in need of cost-effective technology.

A large healthcare system reduced costs by almost 28% or $1,200,000 without any vendor change.


Local, regional, and national retailers looking to save on technology costs.

A national retailer was able to reduce spend by almost 40% on their voice, data, wireless, internet, and equipment.


Large corporations with complex technology needs and budgets.

A large consulting firm reduced costs by almost 25% or $1,200,000 without any vendor change – and secured a credit of $125,000 for late disconnect.

We'll show you common billing issues most businesses aren't able to catch.


Many companies are wasting thousands or even millions of dollars on:

  • Inaccurate monthly recurring charges (MRCs)
  • Per-minute charges for one-off usages
  • Third-party billing errors
  • Unused features

We’ll clean up invoices, consolidate your bills, and advocate on your behalf with the carriers.

Stop Spending When You Could Be Saving


The Corporate Guide To

Understanding & Reducing Your Telecom Expenses

Almost 80% of telecom invoices contain errors. Download our ebook for a comprehensive breakdown of what you’ll find in an invoice – and how to identify immediate areas for savings.

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We have saved businesses $900 million through performing telecom audits, and most businesses see around 20% in savings.

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