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The Networking Solution That Solves Your Multi-Location Problems

If you have more than one location, you’re familiar with all varieties of management challenges. It’s hard enough to keep operations running smoothly, let alone your network.

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is the solution you need if:

Your customers have lots of demands for bandwidth and performance, but your budget for better connectivity is limited

Centralized management is necessary for you to maintain control of your network at all locations

You need more options of connection types and vendors as you build your network

You need better security for the sensitive information stored and sent over your network

SD-WAN gives you more options for building networks, provides centralized management, offers multiple bandwidth options, and in many cases can be far less expensive than other solutions. You’ll maximize what you get from your networking technology without having to install expensive hardware or circuits. And SD-WAN gives you the flexibility to scale up or down based on need – improving performance during peak usage hours. That means happy employees and happy customers.

The Right SD-WAN Solution Is Hard to Find

An increasing number of multi-location businesses are making the migration to SD-WAN. This demand has created a saturated SD-WAN market – leaving businesses with a daunting task when it comes to procuring the best-fit service. If you’re not an expert in networking technology, it’s nearly impossible (and very time-consuming) to determine which SD-WAN provider is right for your needs. Even more challenging is knowing whether or not the price of the solution is actually a good value.

PAG Will Help You Find the Best SD-WAN Solution and Save

This is where PAG’s SD-WAN procurement services come in. At PAG, we’re not just experts in technology services. We have partnerships with leading SD-WAN vendors. We know how to manage solutions from selection through installment and beyond – providing you with ongoing management through the life of your solution.

Here’s how we help you secure the best-fit SD-WAN solution and provider at the right price:

We simplify your SD-WAN sourcing search by utilizing our existing knowledge and vendor relationships. No need to start from scratch; all providers are pre-vetted.

Based on an analysis of your specific needs, we help you select the SD-WAN solution that will simplify network management for all your locations.

We’ll ensure best-in-class pricing and negotiate the most advantageous contract terms and clauses for you.

PAG Clients Save an Average of 20%+ on Telecom Services

We are your resource for complete telecom procurement services, including SD-WAN. Leverage our expertise to find the best solution within budget and with minimal effort on your part. Our team of experts will integrate SD-WAN into your technology roadmap and help you drive growth. We’ll streamline your network spending while improving operations and cutting costs.

If you’re ready to source the optimal SD-WAN solution for your business at a price that fits your budget, get in touch with PAG today.

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