Service Optimization

Telecom Cost Reduction

Top 10 Billing Errors for Found by PAG:

#1: Still billed for disconnected services

#2: Billed for services that belong to another customer

#3: Billed for services not being used

#4: Usage in excess of plan allowances (premium rates for excess)

#5: Usage far below plan allowance (buying too much)

#6: Billed on multiple accounts, same vendor, different discounts

#7: “One size fits all” procurement approach

#8: Services on outdated plans

#9: Services not under contract or on outdated Contract

#10: Services are obsolete (and thus, overly expensive)

Telecom Cost Reduction & Service Optimization

In the world of telecommunication, rates & promotions change often. Carriers need to deliver on Wall Street expectations so they constantly “get creative” to drive new revenue and increase sales. Trying to negotiate Service Optimization without up to date knowledge of the marketplace can cost you serious money.

Optimizing telecom services is a multi-faceted discipline. You must have a comprehensive inventory of all current services (telephone lines, T 1’s, data circuits, cell phones, webex accounts, etc.).

You then need to have a historical understanding of the usage of each of the units.

And finally, you must have a thorough knowledge of “best in class” rates & promotions available to companies like yours.

PAG has helped clients of all sizes and from all industries. We also work closely with all Carriers so our database of pricing and promotions is “up to the minute”.  This information is crucial to savings.

PAG will minimize your Telecom spend without sacrificing the services you need.

Contact us today to get started on service optimization and lower your telecom expenses with no risk!

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