Why consider a telecom sourcing solutions engagement?

Consider these facts from the Aberdeen Group:

FACT: Telecommunications is one of your largest spends

FACT: Telecom is deliberately confusing & a difficult category to manage

FACT: Companies lose 12-17% of telecom spend to unorganized telecom expense management

FACT: 80% of telecom invoices are not audited although 7-12% of all charges are in error

FACT: 65% of companies incur late penalties because of an unorganized TEM process

Telecom Sourcing

Successful sourcing initiatives begin with a thorough understanding of all current assets, a clearly defined strategy and the right market intelligence.

Our audit process, market research and benchmarking services will ensure a successful and sustainable project outcome.

Our Sourcing projects include the establishment of all current inventories, benchmarking rates and terms against best-in-class services/pricing, prospective vendor identification, RFX management, contract negotiations, solution implementation and procurement process improvement.

A 20+% decrease in Total Telecom cost is easily attainable with our proven process.
Our sourcing solution service covers voice (Local and Long Distance), landlines, data, wireless, conferencing, telecom expense management software, telecom bill management and telecom auditing services.

We begin with an audit of all current Telecom Bills, the identification of billing errors and the recovery of credits for these over-charges.

Our streamlined post-audit process:

  • Develop inventory of all Telecom services and Carrier Contracts and compare against benchmarked data
  • Discuss existing and future requirements for services, technologies and hardware
  • Identify savings through leveraging all spend and service optimization
  • All potential vendor/partners identified
  • RFX process initiated
  • Respondents scored and “short-list” established
  • Vendor selection made
  • Negotiation of service, contract terms and conditions, rates and implementation plans
  • Oversee implementation of new solutions and manage disconnection of old services
  • Monitor rates and contractual terms for compliance
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