Technology Review

11 Steps to a Successful Technology Review:

#1: Understand where you currently reside along the curve

#2: Research available technology options

#3: Develop and review your long and short term Telecom strategy

#4: Identify all potential service providers

#5: Administer and issue the RFI | RFP | RFQ

#6: Score responses and develop TCO models

#7: Evaluate cost/benefit value and solution compatibility

#8: Make the best informed decision

#9: Implement the solution

#10: Insure disconnect of old solution

#11: Insure TCO model accuracy and fix discrepancies

Telecom Technology Review

Constantly emerging Technologies or technological enhancements are coming at today’s IT managers at the speed of light.

Technologies like VoIP, “The Cloud”, XaaS, Virtual Hosted PBX, Converged Networks and BYOD lead to more questions than answers.

But one question every IT  Manager must answer is whether or not the light at the end of the tunnel is really the “headlight of an oncoming train.”

Emerging technologies have tremendous POTENTIAL upside, but they also carry undeniable risk and cost.

Regardless of where you currently lie on the Technology Continuum there are always options and opportunities to progress along the curve with the implementation of new technology. It is equally true that there is absolutely no “one size fits all” solution. What works for one is inadequate for others or over-engineered for another.

To fully evaluate potential new Technology adoption you must look not only at the total cost of ownership (including monthly recurring cost for service, maintenance, equipment, licensing, etc.) to be able to perform a cost-benefit analysis and project true value, but you must also be confident in the new technology actually “working” and being compatible with all other systems while being keenly aware of security vulnerabilities.

Don’t gamble on these critical decisions, contact us for a technology review.


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