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Our performance-based compensation is contingent on the telecom audit results and calculated on a share of any over-payments recovered for you.

It’s simple….we offer a “no lose, no risk” proposition. If we don’t deliver results, you don’t have to pay.

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Why You Need A Telecom Audit

  • No Risk Proposition
  • Vendor Neutral
  • A Non-Intrusive & Streamlined Process
  • 80% of Telecom Bills Contain Errors
  • We’ve Saved Business Over a Quarter Billion Dollars
  • 7-12% of All Charges are in Error

How Does a Telecom Audit Work?

Our unique Telecom Audit processes are non-intrusive and streamlined so the majority of work is completed at our offices. For telecom bill error detection and refund recovery, there are no up-front fees.

Our performance-based compensation is contingent on the telecom audit results and calculated on a share of any over-payments recovered for you.

All of our recommendations come without obligation and you will never be charged for our services until you see results from your telecom audit.

PAG is vendor neutral. It does not matter the carrier with whom you do business. We never create savings for you simply by suggesting a change of telecom carrier. We will, however, ensure the vendors you choose are offering you their best pricing for clients your size.

Our Mission

At PAG, we find and correct these billing errors through our telecom audit process to secure savings and refunds for our clients.

Target Industries

We know the plays in your vendor’s playbook. We used to play ball on their team. We trained their reps how to maximize profits and commissions. For years, we sold their services to clients just like you.

Then we realized that a far greater need and value existed in helping companies like you get the best value possible!

The partners of PAG have decades of corporate telecom sales and service management experience.. We also have a proven track record of excellence, working to turn our knowledge into your profit.

Major Industries We’ve Done Telecom Audits For…

  • Legal
  • Communications & Media Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity
  • Retail
  • Food Service
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Energy

Businesses Our Telecom Audits Have Helped Save

Why Choose PAG?

Our process has been repeatedly tested and proven in companies of all sizes – regardless of sector, services or carrier.

We save your profits from going down the drain.

PAG offers comprehensive lifecycle management of all Telecom services and projects. Our knowledge base provides expert assistance anywhere along the telecom continuum. From pre-acquisition due diligence to post-merger clean up, from determining technology deployment to establishing contract strategy, from project management to full scale RFP Administration.

Telecom Audit Testimonials

“UDC hired Profit Advisory Group to perform an audit of our Telecommunications services and billing. Based on the implementation of their findings and recommendations UDC has cut costs by nearly $300,000 per year, recovered over $10,000 in credits and gotten all of our contracts consolidated.”


“I must admit my initial skepticism. How much could we be missing? A six-figure refund and annual savings of over $600,000!!! I am very glad that we brought Profit Advisory Group in.”


“We hired Profit Advisory Group to come in and perform a telecommunications audit for us as we were preparing to change vendors, and a colleague had referred them based on their work for his company. They uncovered a billing discrepancy that centered around an obscure clause in our contract. They were able to work with our vendor in having the error corrected, and we received a $78,000 refund check from our carrier.”

– CEO, Prince Parker

Top 3 Reasons to Get a Telecom Audit

Telecom ranks among your top expense line items

Telecom bills are difficult to understand

Nearly 80% of these bills contain errors

Don’t Take Our Word About Telecom Audits, Consider this…According to Gartner Research


Enterprises that are not auditing their telecommunications invoices are forfeiting an extra 10% or more of their network services spending to the network service providers (NSPs).

Most telecom companies are not the product of organic growth. They are the end result of a stream of mergers and acquisitions. Each of these telecom carriers has multiple billing systems and trying to make them “talk to each other” after a merger is not an easy or efficient task.

Coupled with the layoffs and re-organizations that have taken place over the last few years, you have an underdeveloped brain-trust left behind to try and make sense of these disparate billing systems.

The minimum wage workers who comprise the majority of the order entry staff, combined with off-shoring post-sale customer service, increases the chances of billing errors. The identification and correction of these errors is a time consuming and frustrating experience. And the carriers know it.

There are many factors that come into play when a vendor decides what price points to offer a client whose contract is renewing… one of the most important is the competitive climate. If there is little or no competition, pricing offered is much higher than if a comprehensive RFP has been launched.

PAG levels the playing field by bringing the knowledge of what terms, conditions and pricing they are offering their other similar-sized clients.

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