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Telecom Consulting Services… How Much Will You Save?

To fully meet the needs of our clients, we offer a full suite of telecom consulting services & proudly offer expert advice in all areas of telecom expense management.

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Telecom Consulting Services We Offer:

Contract Negotiation

“BUYER BEWARE” is never more apropos than when negotiating Telecom Contracts!

Telecom Audits

Our unique Telecom Audit processes are non-intrusive & streamlined so the majority of work is completed at our offices. Plus, there are no up-front fees.

Procurement Policy

Many companies have a disconnect between procurement and payables.

Telecom Project Management

Looking to switch vendors, migrate services, or do you need data hosting or colo services? We can help!

Service Optimization

Rates & promotions change often, and carriers constantly “get creative” to drive new revenue & increase sales. Negotiating Service Optimization without our knowledge of the marketplace can cost you serious money.

RFP Administration

Whether you intend to switch vendors or not, a competitive environment will result in much more aggressive pricing.


Successful sourcing initiatives begin with a thorough understanding of all current assets, a clearly defined strategy and the right market intelligence.

Technology Review

Regardless of where your current services, there will always be additional options & opportunities to help save money.

Telecom Management

Telecom services, inventory & invoices need to be reviewed to insure you pay the least amount and still get the best service possible.

  • Get the best in class price points

  • Find out which fees can be waived or discounted

  • Finally understand confusing terms & conditions

  • Get the best deals..we know current promotions & pricing offers

  • We deliver results or we don’t get paid!

Our Mission… To Level the Playing Field For You

We know the plays in your vendor’s playbook because we used to play ball on their team. We’ve trained their reps on how to maximize profits & commissions and for years, we sold their services to clients just like you.

Then we realized that a far greater need and value existed in helping companies like you get the best value possible!

The partners of PAG have decades of corporate telecom sales and service management experience. We also have a proven track record of excellence, working to turn our knowledge into your profit.

Our Telecom Consulting Services Can Help a Variety of Industries

  • Legal
  • Communications & Media Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity
  • Retail
  • Food Service
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Energy

Businesses Our Telecom Consulting Services Have Helped Save

Why Choose PAG?

The processes we use have been repeatedly proven & tested in companies of all sizes and industries– regardless of services, carrier or sector.

We save profits from being flushed down the drain.

We offer comprehensive lifecycle management on all telecom services. Our knowledge base provides expert assistance for a variety of telecom consulting services. From pre-acquisition due diligence to post-merger clean up, from determining technology deployment to establishing contract strategy, from project management to full scale RFP Administration

Telecom Consulting Service Testimonials

“Fairnet has hired Profit Advisory Group for several projects and I must say that these guys are amazing. Our cellular bill is down 70%, data costs are down by over 45%, and our Local and Long Distance are down by over a third. Each and every project we have hired them for has produced both, credit recoveries and significant cost savings moving forward. We value their input and insight so much that when we recently were looking at buying a competitor we made them a part of our due diligence team. They went in and reviewed the current configurations and contracts of our takeover target and showed us how we could reduce enough monthly costs to offset the entire purchase price of the business within 2 years. Obviously I have nothing but the best to say about the value they have added and I HIGHLY recommend them, as they are truly very trusted advisors. The impact they have made to our bottom line and monthly cash flow has given us a competitive advantage we would not have otherwise possessed.”

– CEO, Fairnet

“AmWINS is an organization that has grown very quickly through many mergers and acquisitions. As a result we have offices nationwide with many different vendors, services and monthly invoices. We brought Profit Advisory Group in to assist us in identifying what services we had, what was needed, what needed to be cancelled, what could be consolidated and what could be improved upon, With no wholesale vendor changes required we have reduced our annual spend ($1.3Million) by 26%, recovered credits, eliminated 46% of our monthly invoices and changed our thinking (and ordering) on new service purchases. I would highly recommend Profit Advisory Group.”

– Director of IT AmWINS

“We hired Profit Advisory Group to review our Cellular expense, after we had already gone out to the market place to secure what we thought were the best pricing plans available. We were amazed that Profit Advisory group was able to help us reconfigure our purchase intentions with our current provider at 18.5% less than we had been able to negotiate. We had fully decided that we were gong to have to change carriers before we brought them in. In the end we had signed credit offers from competing vendors, reduced accessory costs, and lower monthly costs with even more minutes in our pool. As an added bonus we are going to receive all new equipment for our employees at no charge. This was all accomplished in a very short time frame as we needed to make this decision very quickly. We were so impressed that we are going to have them look into other areas for cost savings.”

– V.P. of Finance,
Monarch Distributing

Who Are We?

Barry Bazen

Barry has run many successful sales teams, negotiated many complex contracts for national accounts & competed against every major provider in the industry. Starting a company where he sits on the client side of the table seemed a logical next step, thus the formation of PAG began 15 years ago.

Ken Reda

Ken brings over 30 years of Telecommunications Sales & Management experience to Profit Advisory Group. He leads our operations and audit teams in the quest to save our clients from overpaying for telecom and IT services. He prides himself on his ability to find billing errors even other auditors missed!

We leverage our experience and expertise for you. Information is power.
PAG brings power and leverage to our clients. We level the playing field.

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