Contract Negotiation

FACT: Telecom contracts are confusing. Even seasoned procurement professionals do not understand all of the terminology, pricing schedules, tariffs and service guides.

FACT: Telecom rate comparisons are hard to find.

FACT: Amended pricing structures create misleading contracts.

What We Do:
Profit Advisory Group helps you overcome this challenge. We handle your negotiations and get you the best deal possible.

Telecommunications Contract Negotiation

telecom contract negotiation
“BUYER BEWARE” is never more apropos than when you’re negotiating Telecom Contracts! The carriers structure and word these contracts in ways that give them great latitude. Sometimes the price in the contract is not even the price you will pay for the life of the deal!

Carrier Sales Reps, while often helpful, are still paid on a commission. Their job and their salary are driven by the need to get clients to pay as much as possible.

You need an expert – a Trusted Advisor – who understands all of the ins and outs of the telecom contract negotiation and the process.

PAG has worked with hundreds of clients – big and small. We have databases of best-in-class pricing. Our knowledge and expertise extends beyond pricing and goes to the development of an overall multi-vendor Contract Strategy.

  • We negotiate for co-terminus expiration dates.
  • We get terms and conditions that are not one-sided.
  • We add clauses to deal with rate increases, competitive price matching,
    technology upgrades and even business downturns or divestitures.

We can help you with Telecom Contract Negotiation:

Identify new prospective vendors.

Evaluate new technologies.

Conduct a formal RFP or do a last minute evaluation.

Don’t gamble on this critical decision, contact us before you sign… results are GUARANTEED or there is no charge for our review!  You have nothing to lose.
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