Telecom Expense Management

Want to protect top line revenues, while preserving bottom line profits?

Telecom expenses are fluid; usage fluctuations, vendor promotions and technology are constantly changing.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is essential for companies to save money


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Why you need Telecom Expense Management

Whether your needs are complex enough to require a software based TEM, or simple enough to allow a manual invoice review each month, the fact remains that your services, inventory and invoices need to be reviewed every month to insure you pay the least to get the best service possible.

Telecom Expense Management is Self-funded from the Savings We Create.

Our Telecom Expense Management Includes:



Service Optimization

Contract Negotiation

RFP Admin




Our Mission… To Level the Playing Field For You

Nobody knows the plays in your vendor’s playbook better than PAG, because we used to be on their team. PAG has trained their reps to maximize profits & commissions, and we used to sell their services.

We have decades of corporate telecom experience. We also have a proven track record of working to turn our knowledge into profit for you!

Telecom Expense Management Can Help Companies in Any Industry Including:

  • Legal
  • Media
  • Construction & Manufacturing
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Finance
  • Real Estate Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare & Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Food Service & Hospitality
  • Energy & Utility
  • Insurance
  • Logistics

We’ve Performed Telecom Expense Management for:

Telecom Expense Management Testimonials

“When Profit Advisory Group delivered a 44% rate reduction I was shocked! When I learned that the savings was with our current provider I was stunned.”

– President, GLS

“My biggest concerns were twofold: how much of my staff’s time would be required, and just how bad we were being taken advantage of. The job that Profit Advisory Group did was simply amazing. There was less than 5 hours of time involvement from my Staff and the credits, savings and refunds were impressive. I highly recommend Profit Advisory Group’s services.”

– CFO, NAS Staffing

“The impact they have made to our bottom line and monthly cash flow has given us a competitive advantage we would not have otherwise possessed.”

– CEO, Fairnet

Why Choose PAG for Your Telecom Expense Management

PAG’s processes are tested and proven!

Our system works in companies of all sizes!

  It DOES NOT matter what services you have, sector you’re in, or which carrier you use.

We can improve your bottom line!

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