Telecom Expense Management

Our TEM services pick up where your audit leaves off – so your budget stays intact for the long term. 

Businesses That Have Saved With PAG

TEM Goes Far Beyond Cleaning Up Billing Errors

Do you have the expertise to manage your complex telecom projects? What’s more, do you really know what you should be paying for telecom services? There’s no reason why you should. PAG will help you understand exactly what telecom services you’re paying for and – if necessary – present cost-effective alternatives to the services you already have. You’ll never waste resources combing through telecom bills or overspending on services again.
Our experts will:

Help you understand the true costs involved in telecom

Find solutions that will help your business grow

Manage a wide scope of telecom projects

The Telecom Expense Management Services That Will Help You Save

Our TEM services span a broad range of areas many organizations overlook without expert guidance. Don’t waste another minute – or dollar – trying to manage your telecom expenses on your own.

Sourcing and Procurement

Telecom purchases are more complicated than they seem. At PAG, we have the knowledge and relationships to get you the technology you need at the lowest cost.


We will find areas where you can save on costs and ensure you’re only charged for the services you actually use.

Billing Management

There’s no need to struggle with multiple vendors. We process and keep track of bills and invoices so you can focus on your business.

Contract Negotiation and Management

If you need to change your services in any way, our team has the skills to handle your contract negotiations. We’ll manage vendor contracts through the lifecycle of your services.

Bill Payment

We’ll ensure all your bills are paid on time – no matter what time of the month they’re due.


Whether you need equipment upgraded, installed, relocated, or removed entirely, PAG is your partner in managing all MACD work.

Technology Mapping and Transformation

Every business needs a technology roadmap to develop a smart, executable transformation strategy. Our experts have the knowledge to guide you through the process.

Success Stories From Across Industries

Private Equity

Investment Management companies subject to compliance regulations.

We helped a PE firm reduce current spend by $5.8 million annually.


Healthcare systems, hospitals, and medical centers in need of cost-effective technology.

Our audit saved a medical center $324,000 on telecom expenses – without having to switch vendors.


Large-scale production companies that require advanced technology to remain efficient.

We helped a flooring manufacturer reduce spend by $310,000.


Local, regional, and national retailers looking to save on technology costs.

We reduced technology costs by 40% for a national retailer.


Pharmaceutical companies looking to make smarter technology investments while cutting costs.

We helped a global pharmaceutical company save $1,175,000 on their telecom & IT expenses.


Large corporations with complex technology needs and budgets.

Our audit process led a cost reduction of $4.6M and $900,000 in upfront transition credits for a global call center.

Our clients have saved over $700 million through our audit process – and continue to save money and time with our telecom procurement services.

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