RFP Administration

Reasons for a Telecom RFP:

FACT: Acquisition pricing is ALWAYS better than Retention pricing

FACT: The lack of Competitors when negotiating Contract renewal leads to Retention pricing

FACT: A formal telecom RFP forces a Competitive environment which leads to Acquisition pricing

Logical Conclusion:
Renewing Contracts without doing an RFP results
in overpaying for services

Telecommunications RFP Administration

A competitive environment will result in much more aggressive telecom pricing. You may not switch vendors but you do need to be willing to explore the possibility. We know you are busy and that administering the RFP will be time consuming. That is where we come in!

We have saved clients MILLIONS of dollars by conducting a formal RFP process. Vendors are savvy and detect an informal process that is intended only to drive pricing decreases. They will then offer some additional discounting but still go nowhere near their best-in-class offers.

A Client in a recent engagement did not want to consider several providers for an invitation to bid, but at our urging, they allowed the bids. Much to their surprise, when all bids were scored, their incumbent provider ranked a distant 3rd and the carrier they were initially adamantly opposed to ended up winning the business – at a savings of over $5M/year – with an overall solution that the incumbent could not come close to matching.
We have experience with all providers, we know their strengths and weaknesses, we know which providers to invite to bid in order to elicit the lowest pricing and best overall Contractual Terms and Conditions.

Our solution is totally scalable: we can write the RFI/RFP/RFQ and let you handle it from there, or we can be involved from that point all the way through to project completion.  Either way, our goal is to save you money!


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