Telecom Audit for Your BusinessFor many businesses, telecom ranks as one of the top expense line items. If your business has not had a telecom audit recently, then it is very likely that you are overpaying for services. A telecom audit could be the solution. As you consider a telecom audit for your business, here are some questions that you may have, and the answers that you need to guide your decision making process:

Why Are My Telecom Invoices So Confusing?

Back when businesses relied on traditional telephone and “snail mail” as the main communication methods, the billing system was much easier to understand. Communication methods have evolved rapidly, and now we have many services that make up the communication bill. Multiple landlines, a variety of wireless devices, each requiring internet access and data plans…etc. The numerous communication methods are an amazing asset for business, but make for a complex invoicing system.

Along with the evolution of communication, we have also seen telecom companies grow and change as a result of frequent mergers and acquisitions, rather than slow and steady organic growth. This has brought on re-organization that is not always cohesive and efficient, and includes multiple telecom billing systems for various services that make it difficult to comprehend exactly what you are paying for.

How Likely is it That My Business Will Benefit From a Telecom Audit?

Almost 80% of telecom invoices contain errors. Chances are very good that your business has been overpaying for services due to hidden errors. Requesting a professional telecom audit will give your business the opportunity to have your invoices analyzed by industry experts so they can identify the errors and the savings opportunities.

Are There Risks Involved With a Telecom Audit?

If you have never had a telecom audit before, then you may be wondering about the downside. You probably have questions about the risks: Will a telecom audit cost me more money than it saves me? Will it disrupt my workforce? 

When you hire PAG to perform your telecom audit, the answer to all of these questions is NO. We are extremely confident in our abilities to find you savings with our auditing process, so our compensation is performance based. You don’t pay us until you see the results. Also, PAG’s auditing process is nonintrusive and streamlined, so the majority of our work can be done at our offices, not yours. You can keep running your business without disruptions throughout your audit. In addition, PAG is vendor neutral, which means that we will never suggest that you obtain services from a particular vendor for any reason other than the benefits to your business. We only work for YOU.

You may have other questions about a telecom audit, or specific concerns about the bills and services for your business. The experts at PAG welcome your questions. We look forward to assisting you by giving you all the pertinent information about a professional telecom audit.


Ken Reda

Ken brings over 30 years of sales & management experience in the Telecommunications & Manufacturing industries to Profit Advisory Group (PAG). Today, he leads the Operations & Audit teams at PAG, where he loves to save you money. Stay connected with him on Google + & through the PAG Twitter.