Why PAG?

telecom consulting servicesOur process has been repeatedly tested and proven in companies of all sizes – regardless of sector, services or carrier.

We save your profits from going down the drain.

PAG offers comprehensive lifecycle management of all Telecom services and projects. Our knowledge base provides expert assistance anywhere along the telecom continuum.   From pre-acquisition due diligence to post-merger clean up, from determining technology deployment to establishing contract strategy, from project management to full scale RFP Administration…

Profit Advisory Group saves you time & money!

PAG bridges the gap between Procurement and Payables. We deploy Process Improvement Strategies and help growing companies establish Procurement Policies to proactively stop leakage.

We can manage your spend for you, do pre-payment invoice validation and assist in automating the process of cost allocation.

We relish the role of Trusted Advisor and proudly take ownership of our place on your team. The unique position of being able to liaise between what IT needs, what Procurement wants, what Finance has approved and what your vendors are trying to sell, is very complex.

Our Strategic Sourcing knowledge helps us guide our clients through this difficult maze.



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