Why PAG?

We’ve saved businesses like yours over $700 million. Discover how PAG can help you start saving where you’ve been overspending.

Businesses That Have Saved With PAG

100+ YEARS

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750+ businesses served
$700M+ in client savings

100+ Years of Experience Helping Businesses Save

PAG was established in 2002 with organizations like yours in mind. We understand the burden of managing multiple technologies at once – that’s why we provide full-service technology consulting and guidance to help simplify decision-making. With our guidance, clients cut costs and repurpose savings toward technologies that help their businesses stay relevant.
We’ve helped organizations throughout the U.S. and in over 100 countries save millions of dollars by implementing our strategies. Our services include procurement, telecom audits, and guidance to help you make the best decisions for telecom and IT solutions.
At PAG, we’ll do all the hard work for you. We can help you better understand what telecom services you’re paying for, correct billing mistakes, and present you with better pricing and service alternatives.
PAG provides businesses with a guaranteed-value proposition and has relationships with over 300 vendors to provide carrier service procurement to our customers.

How Our Process Helps You Save

We understand how high-stakes and stressful it is to be responsible for your business’s budget – and how challenging it is to know what the right purchases are at all times. That’s why we take a thoughtful approach to our partnerships in order to help you achieve your goals.


We start by determining if we’re a good fit for partnership.


We suggest a plan to get you from Point A to Point B.


We perform an inventory and audit and then present you with savings.


We evaluate your current technology (Point A) and determine your long-term goals (Point B).


We put the plan into action.


We provide ongoing support and project management.

PAG is the only firm in the country to offer three years of post-audit, follow-up service management at no extra cost.

Success Stories From Across Industries

Private Equity

Investment Management companies subject to compliance regulations.

We helped a PE firm reduce current spend by $5.8 million annually.


Healthcare systems, hospitals, and medical centers in need of cost-effective technology.

Our audit saved a medical center $324,000 on telecom expenses – without having to switch vendors.


Large-scale production companies that require advanced technology to remain efficient.

We helped a flooring manufacturer reduce spend by $310,000.


Local, regional, and national retailers looking to save on technology costs.

We reduced technology costs by 40% for a national retailer.


Pharmaceutical companies looking to make smarter technology investments while cutting costs.

We helped a global pharmaceutical company save $1,175,000 on their telecom & IT expenses.


Large corporations with complex technology needs and budgets.

Our audit process led a cost reduction of $4.6M and $900,000 in upfront transition credits for a global call center.

Ready To Maximize Your Telecom and IT Budget?

We’ve saved our clients over $700 million with our telecom audits and expert IT support – and we can help you save too. Request a risk-free telecom audit today to get started.

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