Wireless Telecom Audit

Wireless Telecom Audit

It’s time to take back control of your costs.

We offer organizations insight into their bloated telecom bills

Knowing the best in class price points, the fees that can be waived or discounted, and the current promotions and pricing offers, we help level the playing field for your organization.

80% of wireless telecom bills have errors!!

We will supply your organization with a comprehensive report detailing all errors and overcharges. All of our recommendations come without obligation and you will never be charged for our services until you see results.

We remain vendor neutral; It does not matter which wireless telecom carrier you use. Your savings will not be derived from recommendations to change providers. We will insist that your vendor provide your organization with an error free telecom bill at the best rate for your size and industry.

We employ an unobtrusive and streamlined wireless telecom audit process. No disruptions to your workday or staff, with the bulk of the work being completed at our office. Using our proprietary rate plan analysis, and extensive rate plan library, we’ll make sure you receive
best-in-class pricing and uncover any telecom billing errors.

We charge no up-front fees!

As part of the wireless telecom audit service, each organization will be assigned an account manager who will act as your primary contact and will coordinate the following activities:

Data Gathering: compile your past and current invoices and construct a comprehensive database of key cost data – i.e., usage, demand, price, taxes, etc.


Credit Identification: review your invoices for administrative, computational and other potential errors and overcharges.


Waste Elimination: review your invoices for inefficiency and waste. Many firms spend money on services they no longer need or use.


Purchase Maximization: analyze your annual usage and demand profiles for each service against available rate options to identify more cost effective alternatives.


Approval & Implementation: prepare documentation necessary to solicit offers from suppliers, evaluate responses and negotiate contractual terms and conditions. Once approved, implement the refund and savings strategies to improve profit.


Tracking: we will prepare and submit management reports with our findings and recommendations, implementation, and monitoring of future invoices for new cost saving opportunities and compliance.

Our Goal:

  • Reduce your wireless telecom operating expenses; period!
  • Many audits can lead to up to a 23% annual telecom savings.
  • We charge no up-front fees. Our compensation is performance-based and contingent on results and calculated on a share of any over-payments recovered for you.

wireless telecom auditDon’t let your wireless telecom carrier over-inflate your bills. Trust the telecom expense management experts who have helped hundreds of clients save over $250 million.

The partners of PAG have decades of corporate telecom sales and service management experience. We also have a proven track record of excellence, working to turn our knowledge into your profit. We leverage this experience and expertise for you. Information is power. PAG brings power and leverage to our clients.

We level the playing field.

Contact us to get started.
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