Telecom Audits

Overbilling, duplicate charges, and errors happen more often than you think.

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Stop Overspending and Start Securing Savings

Telecom billing errors aren’t outliers – they’re the norm. In fact, Gartner has found:

OVER 80%

of bills contain errors that businesses can miss for months on end


are paid without an audit or review

That’s a significant amount of unnecessary expenses. A zero-cost, risk-free telecom audit can change all that by converting those costly errors into credits and reduce costs moving forward.

What Are Telecom Audits?

Telecom audits consist of looking through an enterprise’s current assets and checking for areas they may be overspending. Whether it’s billing errors or duplicate charges, a telecom audit can help rid your enterprise of inaccuracies in your invoices and ensure savings.

Better yet, they’re completed at no charge to you and with zero obligation or risk.

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Our Approach

At PAG, our telecom audit process is streamlined, non-intrusive, and risk-free. We’ve saved businesses

nearly $600 million!

Our simple process is done at no cost to you. We’ll help you regain control of your enterprise in more ways than one, and it all begins by freeing up your time. We handle:

Audit and inventory of your entire technology ecosystem

Vendor-neutral recommendations for new solutions that better fit your needs – at best in class pricing

Detailed review of bills and invoices to find errors, unneeded charges, and more

A clear savings strategy that grows your cash flow over time

Complete contract review to find areas of potential overspending

Leave it up to us to find the savings you need to grow your business. Our 100 years of combined experience make us the trusted partner you want on your side.

Telecom Audits: What You Should Know

Thinking of getting a risk-free telecom audit but don’t know what to expect?

Discover what a successful telecom audit should look like and the value – both financial and non-financial – it can bring to your business in our free resource.

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Wireless Telecom Audits

If you’ve got multiple locations, keeping track of wireless services and contracts can be more trouble than it’s worth – but we can often find more than 20% in wireless savings per year. After a comprehensive inventory of your current wireless assets, we can stay on as your long-term partner.

You benefit from:

Updates about best-in-class price points

Market promotions

New pricing plans

Discounts opportunities

Your dedicated account manager will help you with:

Data gathering

Credit identification

Waste elimination

Purchase maximization

Approval & implementation


Mobility is a necessity in today’s business world, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

It’s Time to Stop Overspending

If you’re tired of throwing money out the window, request your zero-cost, no-risk telecom audit today and say your last goodbyes to invoice errors.

We’ll help you get the savings you deserve – all while helping grow your business.

Use Your Savings to Reach Your Business Objectives

If you’re on a constrained budget, we know you truly understand how difficult it can be to focus on growing your business when money’s carefully watched.

Telecom audits can result in surprising savings that can be repurposed back into your business. Isn’t it time you had the budget to dramatically improve your business operations and fulfill your C-suite’s goals?

Many of our customers have leveraged their savings to:

Offset budgets

Refresh and upgrade key equipment

Increase bandwidth

Expand their network

Implement new technology solutions

Improve the customer and patient experience

A comprehensive audit gives you the funds you need to stay competitive.

Learn Cost Reduction Strategies

Take the first step toward lowering your telecom and IT bills. Your free guide helps you better understand your bills so you can manage your costs and even negotiate with your carriers.

Telecom Expense Management

We use the results of your telecom audit to keep you in control at all times, even if your business if growing at a faster pace than you can handle. We’ll help with:

Bill payments





Cloud or other technology transformation

Implementation of any solutions you chose

Data breach protection

Compliance audits

Learn About Ongoing Expense Management

Get the Information You Need

Want to learn more about audits and what to expect? We’re here to help. Check out our list of resources and start leveraging our telecom expertise today.

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