Telecom Audit Services

Discover our streamlined and non-intrusive telecom audit process. Let PAG help you secure savings.

The modern enterprise uses multiple technologies from different vendors. However, keeping track of all those bills can be time-consuming and frustrating. If you can’t keep up with your telecom costs, aren’t sure if your bills contain errors or duplicate charges, and are under budgetary constraints, PAG can help identify where you are overspending so you can regain control of your enterprise.

Our telecom audit process is non-intrusive and streamlined. This means that we do the work for you at our offices. And our approach is completely performance-based and contingent on the telecom audit results. Therefore, our compensation is calculated on shares from over-payments recovered for you, and we’ll never charge for our services until you see your telecom audit results and savings.

We take a vendor-neutral approach to helping you save money by ensuring that the vendors you choose offer you the best pricing and services available for your needs.

PAG is your resource for comprehensive telecom audits. We’ll create a clear savings strategy for your business, offer recommendations without obligation, and provide the best solutions for your budget.

Telecom Expense Management

We leverage the results of our telecom audit to provide you with comprehensive telecom expense management that helps you stay in control as your business expands. As your trusted advisor, we’ll help keep your bills accurate by looking, solving, and preventing billing errors as well as correcting overspending.

We’ll start by evaluating your assets through a comprehensive inventory. Once that’s completed we’ll provide you with a strategy that will benefit your budget. Our telecom expense management services will assist with bill payments, processing, management, negotiation, and auditing. We’ll do the tedious work for you so you won’t have to.

Learn more about Telecom Expense Management

If you’re ready to start saving your hard earned money through our telecom audit process, contact PAG for more information. We’ll gladly assist and guide you through telecom expenses. At PAG, we’re dedicated to saving you the time and money through technology services that work.

Check out some of the national and global chains that have saved big with us.

Are you ready to uncover surprising savings?

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  • The Numbers Don't Lie.

    We’ve saved businesses millions of dollars. Our clients’ skepticism of uncovering any savings at all quickly turns into shock as we show them where they can cut costs. One customer aimed to save $18.5 million over 5 years, and we saved him $20.5 million. The numbers don’t lie:

    • Over 750 businesses served across more than 10,000 business locations
    • An average telecom cost savings of 20% per client
    • Over 5000 circuits managed across all 50 states and over 100 countries
    • Over 100 years of combined industry experience

    Our proven process works for companies of all sizes, and we become your advisor who adds a trusted voice to your team’s technology decision-making. But don’t take our word for it:

    I must admit my initial skepticism. How much could we be missing? A six-figure refund and annual savings of over $600,000!!! I am very glad that we brought Profit Advisory Group in.

    - VP, MRMC

    Having been involved in an external telecom audit before, I had high expectations. Profit Advisory Group delivered, and then some.

    - CEO, Southeast Auto Distribution

    My biggest concerns were twofold: how much of my staff’s time would be required, and just how bad we were being taken advantage of. The job that Profit Advisory Group did was simply amazing.

    - CFO, NAS Staffing

    Fairnet has hired Profit Advisory Group for several projects and I must say that these guys are amazing.

    - CEO, Fairnet

    • 80% of bills contain errors
    • If we don’t save you money, there is no charge
    • We’re vendor-neutral, so you stay with your carrier while you save
    • Our off-site analysts never interfere with your team
    • We’ve saved businesses over $500 million with our expertise

    We have relationships with household names in telecom.

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